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    Community Service

    In recent times, Ecoliers have taken significant initiatives in performing upliftment activities in their vicinity and beyond. At the Government Inter College, Horawala, a series of sessions, has been taken by the students to address the issue of gender inequality and made the listeners aware of women empowerment. Many talks have also been conducted on hygiene and sanitation, to make a difference to their daily lives.

    Ecole Globale has also involved itself into the education of the underprivileged by contributing books through the Community Library Project. The volunteers not only have donated books for this library but have also contributed to designing the interior and exterior of the library. They went further and segregated and arranged the books. Further, our students have also painted this library in a way that would be best suited for future readers here.

    Several environment-protection endeavors have been undertaken by the girls. Plastic ban in Uttarakhand has been common over the last few years, however, some shop-owners and customers still use and demand the same. Girls from Ecole took an initiative to sensitize them by making 500 paper bags from scratch and distributed them to the nearby shops. They not only distributed these bags but also made the plastic users aware of the environmental hazards associated with the over-use of plastic. They also made them aware of how plastic is non-biodegradable and is destructive. What was more interesting is that our students are genuinely sensitive about the usage of plastic and that reflected in their attempt to convince the shop-owners to curtail this.

    Other than those above, Ecoliers have also visited those who are underprivileged and are living in orphanages. The differently-abled were also approached by the Ecoliers, when they visited Leonard Cheshire Home, Dehradun.

    The School makes it a point to inculcate empathy and the spirit of social service through these drives as it is more important to take part in certain activities rather than only reading about them. We believe that it is through experiencing the joy of giving, that an individual learns how to do their part for the community.