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    The Charismatic Leader

    We dare the girls of Ecole Globale to be innovative, to think differently, and to stand out as charismatic leaders who lead with example and have the power to influence and motivate others. To achieve this, every Ecolier is imparted training in Public Relations, Effective Communication Skills, Goal setting, Resolving Conflicts, Team building and Assertiveness.

    Ecole Globale has set its bar high when it comes to giving opportunities to its girls and we strive to keep innovating to let them experience earlier than the others. Very recently, the School came up with the novel idea to train girls in public speaking and journalism through the newly-commenced ‘Ecole Broadcast’. This feature of the media within Ecole lets the girls speak their minds fearlessly, be updated with the current affairs within the country and across the world. The students are creative in their approach and bring fresh content to this broadcast for each episode, by also including the latest happenings of the campus and beyond. By articulating their views boldly and making their presence felt, the smart Ecolier is roaring to go.

    The School also gives the chance to develop leadership skills in the girls through contesting for positions of authority in the Annual Student Council.The Student Council is where they represent their respective houses and take responsibility for the good conduct and prodigious performance of students through various competitions, conferences, seminars, cultural and literary events. To ensure that the Council Members proceed on the right track, select faculty members guide and mentor them on their way forward as House Masters/House Mistresses. Such breaks are productive for instilling the habit and ability of dealing with adverse situations, people-management, handling time-bound deadlines and multitasking. Since these are the most sought-after skills in the 21stCentury, we believe that the earlier our girls develop them, the more embellished their personality becomes. Learning milestones in today’s generation have changed their coordinates, and we truly believe in giving our best efforts in building up the personality of our girls to suit the demands of the challenges ahead. ng Conflicts, Team building and Assertiveness.

    Speaking their minds fearlessly, articulating their views boldly and making their presence felt, the smart Ecolier is roaring to go!