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    About CBSE Program

    The CBSE Program offered by the School is monitored by the Central Board of Secondary Education and is offered from Class IV through Class XII. Initially, when a student enrolls into the School, they get to only choose the CBSE Curriculum, as it one of the most popular and widely accepted boards in the country. An individual may continue to study as a CBSE student until the end of their school tenure. However, they are offered a choice to shift to the CIE (Cambridge) Curriculum before the beginning of Class IX.

    The evaluations and assessment models are carefully crafted in accordance with latest CBSE Rules and Regulations and a close check on them is observed by the dedicated CBSE Teacher Coordinator.

    The courseware of CBSE is meant to develop an analytical and reasoning-based thinking. As it is widely accepted across the country, it takes into account the diverse cultural backgrounds of the population of students. Therefore, it is a highly recommended program for an Ecolier, since the students at Ecole represent a variety of geographical and cultural diversity, coming from different backgrounds. This curriculum caters to every student and holds something different to offer to each individual. The material is comprehensive, easy to understand and grasp.

    CBSE students also have an edge when it comes to writing national level entrance tests after Class XII, which are taken for the purpose of Undergrad admissions. The courseware studied over the years develops a sound base of knowledge, which students can directly apply at the time of such entrance exams.

    The School provides highly skilled instructors, who have experience of numerous years in teaching the CBSE Curriculum. These teachers understand the ins and outs of CBSE learning methods, assessments, paper patterns and provide opportunities to students to do ample of practice for the same. Some of the teachers for the CBSE Curriculum have had past experience of teaching at some of the most respectable schools, for over 15 years and they continue to lend their expertise for the benefit of the students.

    The Admission Counsellors can be contacted for more information about the CBSE Program offered by the School.