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    Work Culture at Ecole

    Here at Ecole Globale, we believe classrooms go beyond being a place where students gather to listen to and absorb what is being taught. We like to believe classrooms are laboratories of learning and teachers play a crucial role in converting the conventional classrooms into fun interactive labs where everyone can create, learn while also enjoying the process. Teachers play a pivotal role not only within these labs but beyond this as they impact the daily lives of these children.

    With that said, we take the process of inducing our staff with dedication as finding the perfect fit is of utmost importance. Every member who becomes a part of Ecole Globale has been through layers of rigorous selection. We maintain a balanced 1:10 teacher student ratio to keep the learning unobstructed and smooth. And each teacher is empowered with the best of technology and even training from periodic sessions and orientations, to ensure they are in touch with the latest skills needed in contemporary teaching.

    We are always on the look out for skilled, experimenting, enthusiastic applicants both from India and abroad who will help us bring out the best from our students be it in academics or arts. We especially love applicants who love trying new methods of teaching and always promote an interactive atmosphere for students. We also have a growing requirement for foreign teachers, as we have many students from non-English speaking countries including France and Thailand.

    Apart from this we also look for professionals to join our school administration department to help run the school smoothly.

    To apply, write to us at ecolehr@gmail.com, and attach your resume, photograph and current ctc.