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The debate on e-learning vs. traditional learning has always been a burning topic over the years. Ever since the technology has grown vividly, it is seen that there exists a massive controversy on e-learning. After this pandemic has enshrouded us, the use of different methods of e-learning is the only suitable means of learning and education according to the current scenario. Being at home, surrounded by a comfortable environment, and wearing the comfiest clothes is what e-learning supports.


The institution is also making efforts to provide the best possible education to its students online because no matter what the world face educating the upcoming generation is a must. Otherwise, the upcoming generation would not able to get employment, and they will lack a quality lifestyle.





  • The education is being provided online, which is why the school building and other physical facilities such as electricity, water supply, etc., are not being used. This is a bid source of income for the school management. The school management is also not focused on creating a fascinating infrastructure, and even the laboratories and sports equipment are not being used. All this online education is being in favor of the school.


  • While the students enter the school, they become the prime responsibility of the school. The school is meant to take proper care and protect students from outside evils. The school has to keep the parent’s trust high as they hand over their apple of the eye to the school management. Thus, as the education is delivered door to door and the children are not visiting the school, the school management is the responsibility.                                                                                  


  • It is now no more concern of the school to provide a good healthy and developing environment to the students. E-learning is done from home, and therefore parents are completely responsible for every good or evil activity of the student. No teacher or any official authorities of the school are now responsible if the child goes off track in his academics or moral values.


  • The teachers are just engaged to deliver the best form of education in the best possible means to the students, and also, it is now more shrank to just academic education. The students are not physically available. Thus the students can neither perform any kind of mischiefs nor can the teachers punish the students for the same. Also, morning assembly speeches are not being delivered, which are supposed to value nurturing and a positive upbringing.


  • Being in the school, students were given a lot of minor and major activities to perform, which are not being performed in the online sessions. Even if the teacher tries to make the session interesting and fun while including some adequate activities, still it is not manageable to perform activities the same as done in school. More or less, this is somehow affecting the creative and non-academic growth of the students.


  • The school can no more organize sports meets or any other small or big sports events within the campus. Also, due to lockdown, no one is allowed to step out from their houses which is affecting the physical growth of the students. Sports not just make us physically strong but also works on our mental abilities. Along with its sports help us learn team building, team spirits, discipline, patience, and healthy competitions.


  • As the books and notes are all being provided online, it is cutting the cost of expensive books that the school buys for the student’s library. With this share of the money, the school can invest itself into some noble cause and come forward to uplift the backward students and families.


  • The institution is also being more environment-friendly. The school buses, vans, and all other staff vehicles are not being used during online learning, and it is controlling pollution. Also, the uses of paper and plastics have been reduced due to everything being registered and performed online.


Despite being such immense advantages, online education wasn’t preferred much. If we turn the coin to check for the negative impacts of online learning and not good for the brighter side, we won’t be able to develop. With this advancing time of technology, we all must join hands and help technology make our lives a little more comforting and a little better. Indeed, we must never forget our roots, but if we just stick to our roots and not move according to the need of the time, we will be left behind. Thus try to look at the brighter side. Online platforms are more versatile. Today we can search for a suitable job as per our qualifications, create a job, promote content, learn for free, get certifications, become a star, perform activities, etc. It is nothing that we cannot do or perform online.

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