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How To Start A Finishing School?

In the present day and age, basic education is not enough to be successful in life. Education has now transformed into a broader term which is no longer limited to learning the scripts written in the books. Today etiquettes, morals, co-curricular activities and civic duties are considered to be an essential part of a complete education. 

Knowledge of concepts is undoubtedly essential but being ethical, communicative, morally right, and a well-functioning individual of the society is equally important. Today, corporations and industries prefer individuals who have a striking personality and etiquettes. A charming personality can overshadow any of the shortcomings and can help any individual in climbing the corporate ladder.


What Is Finishing School?

Now a question arises, where can one learn all these etiquettes and develop their personality? Do boarding schools in India provide such training to the students? The answer is, yes! Finishing schools are outstanding schools that focus on developing the character of an individual and teaching them important ethical and moral values. They have specially designed programs to identify the potential and personality type of an individual. 

The concept of Finishing Schools started for the young girls belonging to the elite sections in the early 1900s. The girls were taught social graces and mannerisms of sophistication and eliteness. After the 1960s, the concept of finishing schools became less relevant as reformations took place. Women were no longer considered or expected to remain at homes. Jobs were created for women, and more and more ladies started becoming working professionals.

After the 1990s, the idea of Finishing Schools revived but with a completely different ideology and business model. It was no longer targeted towards only women. Finishing schools are now considered a place where students are given special training to enhance their personality. Industrial skills are also taught to the students to make them efficient.

Finishing schools polishes the personality of an Individual so that they can stand out from the crowd. These schools focus primarily on the following three parameters:-


  • PERSONALITY ENHANCEMENT:- The main focus of every finishing school is developing the personality of an individual. Numerous personality development programs are created for students to become more efficient. Co-curricular activities are conducted, management duties are given, and several other programs are also offered to the students to develop their persona. They become more confident and show excellent decision making and leadership skills with the help of these programs.


  • VALUE EDUCATION:- An individual with strong values, impactful thinking and strong character always draws the attention of everyone. Such individuals are also aware of their social responsibilities and service to society. Finishing schools build these basic and essential values in the students. Students become more aware and respectful towards everyone.


  • SKILL DEVELOPMENT:- Skills are another vital factor in the present world. Theoretical knowledge is no longer enough, and the skills of a person are given more weightage. Finishing schools have numerous skill development programs for the students. Both general skills and domain-specific skills are taught to the students. General skills are those that are expected from everyone and are considered to be compulsory. Domain-specific skills are chosen as per the interest of the student.


How To Start A Finishing School?

There are many types of Finishing schools. Many traditional schools have adopted the structure of a Finishing School to make their overall course more proficient. A Finishing School works best as a boarding school. Many top boarding schools in India have a course structure which is parallel with a finishing school. Girls Boarding Schools work best as a Finishing School. In these schools, there are all the arrangements that can fulfil the requirements for women empowerment, personality development, value education, social graces, etiquette, skill development, etc. 


There are various schools that are particularly constructed as a Finishing School. In these schools, academics and theoretical knowledge are kept secondary and primary focus is given towards personality development, moral education, etc. Students are taught larger than life lessons.


One needs to keep the following thing in mind:-

  • Have superior training in etiquettes and protocol from a recognized institute.
  • Get the approval of the concerned authorities.
  • Maintain a highly qualified staff with specialization in the required aspects.
  • Provisions to ensure that proper training is being provided to the students.
  • An excellent course structure that conforms with all the requirements of a finishing school. 
  • A good management team with experience.

For a student, making a decision to chose a finishing school over any regular schooling can be a crucial and life-transforming decision. These schools are best and ensure success with a good quality life for an individual.

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