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Top Girls Boarding Schools Dehradun
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  • Post published:Jun 14, 2016
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Top Girls Boarding Schools Dehradun

Top Girls Boarding Schools Dehradun

It was once again that time of the year when the school campus is abuzz with activity and everyone is in a festive mood. Ecole Globale – Top Girls Boarding Schools Dehradun opened its gates to parents and guests to celebrate its 3rd Founders Day on the 18th of October 2014.

EcoleGlobale-Top Girls Boarding Schools Dehradun

The programme commemorated with a prayer song ”Sangha Chatham”, followed by the lighting of the lamp by the chief guest, Mr. Manoj Srivastava, Deputy Registrar and regional officer of the CBSE office in Dehradun, the President of the Trust, the Directors and the Principal, Mrs. Brinda Ghosh as the choir sang ”Hey Govind Hey Gopal”. The audience was enthralled by the patriotic song ”Jagao Mera Desh”.The president, Mr. Amarjeet Juneja welcomed the chief guest and the parents. The principal presented her annual report and the highlight of her speech was the presentation by the Business Studies students on how their project is connected to real life. She emphasized on educating the mind and integrating soft skills with the curriculum. She concluded her speech with a word of advice to the students through a very well worded quote by John Taylor, emphasizing the values that one should imbibe through their education. The chief guest Mr. Shrivastav addressed the gathering focusing on the importance of experiential learning and talked about how he had gained an insight into the way a progressive school like Ecole functions. In order to encourage and appreciate students, awards for excellence in English language skills, fine arts, drawing and painting, and sports were given to Arushi, Bijoyshree, Shabnam and Manya respectively. The school captain Rhea Jemimah Thyagaraj’s speech focused on the happenings and events of the last year and the achievements of children in areas like shooting, basketball, debating and various others. The entertainment programme began with a Korean song and dance performance by the girls. Grade XII students shared their experiences and fun moments at Ecole and entertained the audience with a song. The main event of the evening was a dance performance called ‘Phenomenal Women’ choreographed by the Shaimak Davar group focusing on women breaking their barriers. The performers took the audience through the stages in a woman’s life from childhood to the time she becomes an adult and thereafter. It showcased the hardships and the struggles faced by her to be accepted by society and how she finds support, drawing strength from women like herself.

The evening came to a close with a vote of thanks by Gunisha Arora, the vice head girl and the singing of the National Anthem and the guests proceeding for dinner.

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