Boarding Schools of Dehradun: Enhancing a Child’s Personality

Dehradun, the capital of the Indian state of Uttarakhand, is so much more than a tourist’s destinations, it boasts some of the best boarding schools in too. There’s a misconception that education is expensive here and this is not always true. In fact, some boarding schools here cost significantly less than their other counterparts. There are also lots of scholarship opportunities throughout the country.

A boarding school is a type of educational institution where students study and live together with teachers and other staffs for the entire duration of the school year. There are lots of benefits to sending your child to boarding school in terms of enhancing your child’s personality

Some boarding schools provide conducive environments for instilling discipline for “problem children” or teens who “need to be straightened up”. There are different facilities specializing in educating children with behavioral difficulties, letting them reach their full potential. Several of these boarding institutions offer the same academic programs including intervention and counseling to help troubled kids.

Without any doubt, boarding schools of Dehradun have a reputation of producing students that are hardworking, academically superior and well-disciplined because these schools have specially designed programs that raise learning in the different area. Students gain a great sense of independence and individuality as they face school life and all the state of affairs that it entails, mostly on their own. Constant interaction with other students encourages confidence in dealing with other people in a social setting and the development of cognitive skills like attention, memory, and thinking.

Boarding schools are the best platforms for intellectual development and for social and personality development. Students have the privilege of spending extended periods with their fellow individuals as well as their administrators and mentors. In the absence of parents, students have their teachers to understand and solve their problems and issues, helping them become the well-rounded person they should be. Therefore, these institutions are unique from regular schools or day school. Also, they have separate hostels for boys and girls. Students have free time on weekends to listen to music, read books, watch T.V., and magazines in the Common room of their respective hostels.

Great boarding schools also put emphasis on discipline. If you are considering sending your child to boarding school, then start your search online and list down some of the good boarding school in Dehradun. Choose one that is suitable for your child and your budget.

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