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8 Online Tools for Teachers in Boarding Schools In India

Advanced Technology has made human life super easy and better and now people are depending on technology for their little too big tasks but the educational sector was not able to take full advantage of the technology as it still focused on the old way of classroom-based learning nevertheless things have improved way dramatically in the educational sector after Covid-19 pandemic hits the world and government decided to keep the schools closed until the situation got better which meant children now have to stay home and study online. Some schools took it as a setback but some schools like the boarding schools in India and especially the boarding school of Dehradun took this as an opportunity to include technology in their way of teaching. as classes had to be held online and teachers of the boarding school of India start using various online tools and made the learning experience better for students under such Pandemic circumstances. Here are some tools the teacher of boarding schools in India are using to teach students in an advanced way.

Online tools that assist teachers


  1. Zoom – First online tool is Zoom. Just when everyone thought after the pandemic schools won’t be able to teach students online, Zoom call which is a web-based online conferencing tool that makes video conferencing possible for a large group of members this came as a big relief for the schools as now they can connect with the students via video conferencing and teach them better as with the help of this tool teacher can share their screen with the student and it creates a classroom type of environment. It’s a pretty simple and useful tool which the schools like Boarding school of India use for providing online education and the good thing about zoom you don’t have to depend on computer and laptop you can use it on a mobile which makes it more convenient as not every student have laptops in their home.
  2. Google Classroom – Second online tool is Google classroom. It was another top tool which as by the name suggested is a Google product which helps teachers to simplify the task of creating, distributing, and grading the assignments and it also works as a medium between student and the schools where teachers can create classes and post assignments and interact with the students in a better way. 
  3. Kahoot – is a digital game-based learning program and it provides a multiple-choice game and the best part is the teacher can create their own questionnaire with academic lessons and display that in an online classroom and students have to answer the questions. This type of playful learning helps students to engage better with the content. This tool helps create a fun educational environment. 
  4. Classroom lives – is another tool that provides an interactive whiteboard that helps students learn in a more effective way like the teacher can create an interactive lesson, can record live lessons, and also can record attendance. This type of tool helps students engage with material better as they can deeply learn and understand complex information and if students miss the class due to any reason the student can watch a recorded lesson and by this student can study anytime and if they have a query they can interact with the teacher and get their doubt cleared. 
  5. Zoho Classes – Zoho classes is the 5th online tool. It is one of the most Unique software that can do multiple tasks it is helpful for both the students and the teachers as they can provide live sessions, send assignments to students make their learning process easier and the other feature which is beneficial for the school is as due to Covid parents or student is not allowed to come in schools so by the help of this software they even can collect fees from the student online without even visiting school just by using this platform. 
  6. Infogram – It is the 6th online tool. These tools help to create infographics and interactive online charts as the study shows that the students engage more with infographics than simple words so this tool solves the problem for teachers who have to create helpful infographics and it is super easy to use as everything is automated.
  7. Animoto – It is the 7th online tool to be discussed. This is a storytelling tool for teachers that enhances student digital experience as it takes just a few minutes for teachers to create videos that bring their lesson to life. It also helps to make powerful presentations incorporated with music, text, or video clips.
  8. Online whiteboard – As the name suggests it is another tool that helps the teacher to use the advanced whiteboard to teach students in a better way and this software also works on mobile which is more convenient for the students and teacher and it is hassle-free and super easy to use

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