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A Letter To My Teenage Self

“If you could write a letter to your younger self,” a question we’ve read so many times and might have wondered as well, but did we write? Well, most of us are stuck at deciding about what to write and just stay confused there. We have so much to say to that younger self of ours (if we got a chance), but while penning it down, we couldn’t.

Of course, we can’t write a letter to the past, but the world has “Harry Potter,” so why not taste the fantasy by just writing the letter and keeping it to ourselves. So here I am writing a letter to my younger self, and you can pick the headlines to think upon your letter. I hope it inspires you to do the same!

You still make mistakes at 27 – I want to tell you that hey, it’s okay if you made a mistake and probably ruined something because we are humans, and mistakes are bound to happen from us in our entire lives. But what will make a wise person is trying to act upon them and improving your mistakes? You should never let go of them. Every time try to learn and grasp from it and try to improve, and yes, it takes a little courage to take responsibility, but that’s the best you can do at that time.

Cherish your emotions – Others, including your friends, might sometimes claim that you’re clingy to your emotions but don’t let that take away your love for you. Experiencing deep emotions is something not everyone can do, and you have that gift to dive into emotions and feel the immense power vested in them. But make sure you experience the emotions and not let them control you.

Let go – Seriously, let go, no matter what happened or what the other person did, because you might just fall apart from them without even a proper goodbye for the relation/friendship you had with them. So just let go as you too, make the mistakes, and they shouldn’t interrupt your relations.

Control that hothead – There’s none other than me that knows the extent of your madness and how quickly it can take on any existing feeling. You might be extremely happy, and then suddenly you are this hot vessel blowing steams. That anger is not good for you and the people around you, too, so please try and try and just try more to avoid it, you can make it happen, and I know it.

Let go – No matter who you are with, just enjoy and stop being so picky for people to be with. Just like, everyone else is unique with their own traits, so some might be irritating to you, but for this, don’t completely avoid them. They don’t want to be your enemies or something, so try opening with them as well. I mean, just don’t shut out people merely for the fact that you don’t like it. The first impression is not the clear picture after all.

Don’t fear – We all have stressful situations in every stage of our life where we panic and mostly end up pulling out. So I want you to know that those situations aren’t going to harm you; hence, go for it. Whenever you get an instinct for doing something, just do it regardless of what anyone would think or what you might face. Because that’s not how life is meant to be lived, and trust me, you only realize that at my current age, but I’m letting you know this magical thing, so please take it.

Stop belittling – I want you to know this and believe that you’re not some person with low value. You are unimaginably more than that. So stop doubting and looking down on yourself for mistakes or wrong situations because you can do serious wonders when you are determined.

And No, Life Doesn’t Get Harder– I know, people keep on saying- “This is nothing, you will know what hardships are when you are older.” But, what I think is that you become more adept at facing those challenges. So, life doesn’t become harder. You become stronger! Just focus your energy on what you are doing at present. Plan for your future, but don’t stress over it. What if your plan or even your backup plan does not work out? Trust me; you will fid a way. It might be a bit challenging for some time, but eventually, you will overcome.

Love Your Parents– They are doing everything in their capacity to make you happy. Don’t despise them for small bickerings. You will know when you have kids. Just understand, your parents are your greatest companions who will love you unconditionally no matter what. Cherish this time you have with them and build a strong bond. Time is slipping, and it seriously waits for none!

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