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  • Post published:Apr 1, 2021
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Avoiding Teacher Stress -Tips for Wellness

Most of the health issues occur due to the stress in our daily life. Stress is now common in every third person, and it is difficult for a person to keep the body healthy due to this so-called stress. Stress is the body’s reaction that is caused due to any changes in physical, mental and emotional conditions. These days every occupation has stressed their workers, but the stress in the teaching profession is more than any other occupation. 

People who act the role of caring for others are not good at looking after themselves. Teachers are usually very good at thinking of the good health of their students, but they never think about their health, until it is too late and they are sick. The teacher needs to stay healthy and reduce their stress so that they can perform their role in a good manner.

There are many tips which can be used to reduce the stress level in teachers, and these are as follows.

  1. Focus on what we have in our control: Teacher profession is assumed to be very accurate, and teachers spend a lot of time planning the things so that everything in their classes goes smoothly. However, it is difficult for teachers to control everything because the school carried out many unexpected events, which stressed teachers as they think their timetable is affected and create a lot of stress in their mind. All these things can be improved by focusing on things that are in the control of the teacher. Teachers should divide these unexpected events into two lists, things that are within their control and things that are not in their control. They should focus on a list which is in their control and put aside the others, left these things for someone else.
  2. Share laughter and small jokes with students: Teaching is not only the process of sharing knowledge about the subjects but also to share some things which can help teachers and students to focus on their basic aim. During teaching, Teacher should have some jokes which can help everyone in the class to laugh. Should teach in a way so that the minds of the teacher and students get refreshed. All these things help in reducing stress in the life of teachers and students, and they can keep their body healthy.
  3. Meditation: Meditation is a very helpful process in reducing every kind of stress. Teachers in free periods can do meditation simply by sitting alone in the room, close their eyes, and visualize a relaxing scene. These scenes can be on the beach, forest, space, etc. During the imagination of these scenes, feel every moment of that scene like think about the sand under their feet, the warmth of the sun, the sound of waves in the ocean, etc. If teachers follow this type of meditation once or two times a day, they can release their all working stress and get their minds fresh.
  4. Learn to say no: Teachers are often bad in saying ‘no’ to jobs and tasks. It is very important to be cooperative and helpful for students, but always saying yes to work can overload work pressure on the teacher. Hence results are not so good. This overloading of work is contributing to an increase in the stress level of teachers. So always saying yes is not good for work as well as not for health. Moreover, it is difficult for a teacher teaching students with stress and effectiveness cannot be seen in lectures.
  5. Performing Yoga daily: Every teacher should get some free time for performing yoga in the morning time. Yoga is very beneficial in reducing stress. There are many asanas and poses like Big Toe Pose, Bound Angle Pose, Dhanurasana, ustrasana, etc.which is very helpful, especially in reducing stress and maintaining blood pressure level. Performing yoga in the morning helps a full day and fill a lot of energy in the body for doing working in a good manner.
  6. Engage senses: Teacher should learn to engage the senses whenever he/she feels tired or stressed this is done by finding something beautiful thing in the classroom and the teacher can look at it whenever stress level is increased. These things may be any picture or chart on the wall, green plants that can be seen from the classroom, put anything on the table like water bottle or lotion and scents such as peppermint which can help in lifting mood.

Stress is in every occupation, but the main thing is how to reduce this stress because it affects work related to profession or personal life. Moreover, our health is also affected due to this stress. So, it is important to learn how to reduce stress by performing some small activities as mentioned above, hence with the help of this, and we can do our work more effectively and efficiently.

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