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Which boarding school in Northern India is best for a village girl?

Boarding schools have a good name in India. They have been around since the British ruled India, and they have always represented the best education. Thousands of kids from villages across India get free boarding during the term. The kids are provided with food, books, and all facilities of life.

Most important, most parents know that their children will get the best education at a boarding school. But parents were never able to decide which boarding school offers the best education for their child, or if it is worth spending money on sending a child to a boarding school.  


Importance of boarding school for girls

Boarding schools are a great way for kids to learn, develop themselves, and live in an environment that is conducive to learning. There are many boarding schools for girls around the world, some of which have been in existence for decades.

Boarding schools in India have come a long way since their inception. They have evolved from simple dormitories to institutions of learning offering robust academic and extra-curricular activities.


Benefits of boarding school education for girls:


Boosts Academic Performance

Boarding school education has been proven to be an effective way to boost academic performance. According to researh conducted by day schools in India, students who attend boarding schools perform better academically than their counterparts who attend public or private day schools. This is because they get more attention from their teachers and they also receive extensive tutoring services when they need it. In addition, boarding school education also helps students develop strong work ethics, self-discipline, and time management skills that will help them thrive in college and the real world.


Provides Safe Learning Environment 

The environment in most day schools is not conducive for learning because there are so many distractions such as violence, teen pregnancy, drugs and alcohol abuse among other things that keep students from focusing on their studies. 


They Will Make Friends for Life

The friends that you make in boarding school will be your friends for life. You will meet people from different backgrounds and with different interests, but all of them will be your friends forever.


They Will Learn to Be Independent

When they are away from home, they will learn to live on their own. They will learn to take care of themselves and do things on their own. Boarding school teaches girls to be independent and self-sufficient which can help them in the future.


They Will Learn how to Manage Time

In boarding school, they will have a timetable that they need to follow. This helps them to manage their time well as they know what they need to be doing at various times during the day. They also have chores to do at certain times which can help them plan their days better.


They Will Learn Self-Discipline

Boarding school teaches girls about self-discipline because there are rules that must be obeyed and followed at all times. If the rules are not followed then there are consequences for the girls. This teaches them about discipline in life and how important it is.


Importance of education for village girls

As more parents in rural India send their daughters to school and keep them there, the country will reap economic and social benefits.

Most of us take education for granted. In today’s world, we recognize that education is important because it equips us with all that is needed to make our dreams come true. It opens doors of wonderful opportunities and thus makes way for a better future. However, this fact is often neglected by some sections of society.

While it is true that everyone has the right to education, when it comes to villages, the female folks are often deprived of this right. Many people in rural India don’t know the importance of education. They simply don’t realize how much can be achieved through education. They fail to understand that educated women can play a pivotal role in the development of the country.

Education for girls in villages can be instrumental in strengthening the economy as well as the social well-being of India. It impacts every aspect of life – from health to wealth and from personal to professional lives. Increasing literacy rates and providing access to schools and colleges, not only gives girls a better chance at life but also brings about prosperity and progress to the entire nation. 


Best girls boarding school in northern India for a village girl

The Asian School, Dehradun

St. Joseph’s Academy, Dehradun

Shivalik International Residential School, Dehradun

Brightlands School, Dehradun

SelaQui International School, Dehradun



The growing movement of educated village girls has started in India. The combination of education with rural life has helped many girls get employed in rural jobs. Educated young women are becoming more confident about their future and due to this confidence; they are also willing to fight for their rights as a part of their family or society.

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