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What Are The Best Schools for girls in India?

Whether you’re a native or an ex-pat, children’s education is something every parent needs to think about. Globally, schools are known to be some of the best places to enhance knowledge and skills through various extracurricular activities. But here in India, things are different. Some schools are way ahead of their time and boast of cutting-edge infrastructure while others just feel like they belong in the stone ages.

As per research conducted by Boarding Schools in India, The education system in India is as diverse as the country itself, with a spectrum of private schools catering to every stratum of society. You need to choose the educational institution that best suits your child’s abilities, talent and interests – especially if you are an ex-pat living in India.

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Education In India

Education In India


The government has taken steps to ensure that more girls get educated, but there is still a long way to go.

Girls’ education in India has been a subject of great importance for the government. The government has introduced several initiatives to improve the condition of girls’ education in India. The most important one is to increase the number of affordable schools and excellent teachers.

The government has also made sure that there is state-of-the-art infrastructure in these schools so that girls can get a quality education and be able to compete with boys in terms of education.

Education is the key to a better future. It is said that girls who have access to education are more likely to be healthier, make more money, and have better job opportunities.

Education has been proven to improve women’s lives, but in India, many girls are still struggling to get it.

Girls’ Education In India is working to change this. By providing affordable schools with excellent teachers and state-of-the-art infrastructure, we are helping girls succeed in life.


Importance of Girls’ Education

Importance of Girls’ Education


Getting a quality education is important for girls and boys. It helps them grow into successful adults who can contribute to their communities. But girls face greater challenges when it comes to getting an education.

Girls have been historically excluded from school, and they still face many barriers today. Even when they can go to school, they may not be able to complete their education due to early marriage or pregnancy or other factors that may prevent them from completing their studies.

In many countries, girls do not have equal access to education because they are denied the right to attend a school or are forced into work at an early age. In some places, girls are forced out of school at a young age so that they can help with household chores or take care of younger siblings while their parents work outside the home. This can lead to low self-esteem and poor health, which can make it more difficult for girls to reach their full potential as adults.

Girls are often expected by society’s norms and traditions to stay home instead of going outside with friends after school or on weekends. That is because there might be fewer opportunities for them in society compared with boys who can work outside the home on farms or other places where their labour is needed by others (such as fathers who need help.


The Benefits of An All-Girls School

The Benefits of An All-Girls School


The all-girls education provides a safe and supportive environment that allows girls to focus on their academic success. Girls are allowed to succeed in an environment where they can be themselves without feeling judged. They also have the opportunity to develop strong relationships with other girls and adults, which leads to a sense of community and belonging.

First, you’ll be able to focus on your studies without the distraction of boys. You won’t have to worry about what they think of your outfit or what they say behind your back. You don’t have to compete with other girls for attention. When you’re at an all-girls school, you know that everyone’s just there for one thing: learning!

Second, in an all-girls environment, you won’t feel pressured by society’s expectations of women. The media tells us that we should be thin and beautiful, but at an all-girls school, there’s no need for that kind of pressure—you can just be yourself! You’ll never hear anyone say anything mean about another girl’s appearance or weight. Everyone is there because they want to learn and grow!

Finally, when you go to an all-girls school and graduate from it with flying colours, you’ll be ready to take on the world! You’ll be able to hold your own in any conversation because you’ve been taught how important it is to be confident while also maintaining humility (an important lesson).

The benefits of attending an all-girls school also include-

-Better Academic Performance

-Higher Rates Of College Attendance And Completion

-Higher Self-Esteem

-Improved Social Skills

 -A Safe Place 


Best Girls Schools For 11th And 12th

Best Girls Schools For 11th And 12th


Ecole Globale International Girls’ School

Ecole Globale was founded in April 2012 and is managed by the Asian Educational Charitable Trust. The school offers two educational boards to its students: Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and Cambridge International Education (CIE). These options are provided with consideration for the student’s prior educational experiences as well as their long-term academic objectives.


Founding YearApril 2012
CurriculumCambridge IGCSE, Cambridge AS and A Level,  CI 
FeesUSD 16,125 (For International Students)

INR 1,73,206 (For Indian Students)

AddressVillage Horawalla, Near Sahaspur

Dehradun – 248197, Uttarakhand, India


Welham Girls School

In today’s world, where women are as smart and capable as men— it is important to have choices in education for our little darlings. They also need to be prepared to face the world, which is more competitive than ever. That’s why it is so critical that we provide them with the best possible environment and education.

Women will rise only when they are free. Let’s help make that happen by giving our daughters the freedom of choice in their education.

A Senior Secondary School (XI-XII) associated with the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations is Welham Girls School Dehradun (CISCE). The school offers lessons for girls in grades VI through XII. It is a school with an English medium. The school is situated in Dehradun’s Dalanwala neighbourhood.

The founding year of Welham Girls School was 1957. It is a private institution. A member of the Indian Public School Conference is the school.


Founding Year1957
Fees910000 to 910000 /year


AddressNo. 19 – Municipal Road Dalanwala


Mayo College Girls School

Mayo Girls’ School has a positive learning environment, which ensures that the pupils have an enjoyable time. There are many extra-curricular activities for the students to take part in, as well as several clubs for them to join. The classrooms are light and airy, with particular attention given to their aesthetics so that the environment feels welcoming and friendly.


Founding YearAugust 1988
CurriculumICSE, ISC
Fees8,01,000/- (India)

16,02,000/- (overseas)

Phone0145 2636000 (Reception)

0145 2636007 (Admissions)

0145 2636006 (Accounts)



AddressMayo Link Road, Ajmer, Rajasthan


Banasthali Vidyapith

Banasthali Vidyapith School is one of the most reputed girls’ schools. It has been in the education industry for a long time and has given good education to many. Banasthali Vidyapith School knows how to give quality education to its students. Banasthali Vidyapith school has experienced teachers who teach well-mannered children with confidence and drive to do well in society.


Founding YearOctober 6, 1935
Fees 69,000/- p.a.- 92,000/- p.a.
Phone 08048766655
Email shardamandir@banasthali.in


AddressBanasthali Vidyapith,

P.O. Banasthali Vidyapith-304022 (Rajasthan)


Rajmata Krishna Kumari Girls Public School

The school is a nurturing environment that builds self-esteem and excels at self-expression. They believe in providing a supportive, challenging and diverse environment that inspires excellence in academic, artistic and physical pursuits necessary to develop the whole child.

They believe women have the power to be anything and everything they want to be. Moreover, provide a world-class educational experience that inspires girls from every walk of life to blaze new trails, be true to themselves, and pursue their unique ambitions.


Founding Year2007
FeesINR 10000-374100
Phone +91 291 2511461

+91 291 2511379



AddressHanwant Vihar, Rai ka Bagh

Jodhpur, Rajasthan



Schools need to be seen for what they are, the best education for the price and taught by people who know what is good experience and education, who kept this question in mind when creating policies.

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