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Boarding Schools Are Jumping-OFF Points For Success

According to a new study, “Students who attend boarding schools or institutions find greater success than their peers in college as well as in adult life.” In this study, more than  2,700 high school students and adults at different stages in their lives regarding their experiences in high school and in adult life. Samples were drawn or weighted to match populations on distributions by socioeconomic status, college grades or marks, and gender so as to isolate the effects of the boarding experience.

Schools in dehradun

According to the research:

Students of boarding schools in Dehradun are more likely to get positions of management earlier in their careers than their peers at private day and reach higher management positions throughout their careers. They are much less likely to play video games or watch television than their peers, not only while in high school but into adulthood as well. Students are not “sent away,” but chose to enroll primarily due to high-quality academics.

Do you know that boarding schools are not homogeneous and most of the boarding school students said their social lives do not revolve around alcohol and drugs? The leadership skills and community focus of their students continue to play a vital and distinguishing role in their lives beyond the boarding school experience. About 90% of current boarding school students say, “They are satisfied with their academic experience, compared to 85%f private day or public school students. Additionally, enjoying the benefits of a strict education and dedicating importantly more time to their studies, students of boarding schools also concentrate more on extracurricular activities than day students.

More than 70% of boarders say that school helped them develop self-discipline, independence, the ability to think critically and maturity. About 88% of boarding school graduates reported being very well prepared academically for college than 70%of private days and 40 percent of public school former students.

With plenty of activities on offer, students will soon have to learn some time management skills. The boarding school day is carefully structured so that activities, homework, and downtime easily become routine. Combining fun activities inside and outside of the classroom means that your child has to be on the ball.  Homesickness, Decision making, and a new environment are tough factors for students to deal with, but no need to worry at all. Students quickly learn to be mature and be self-sufficient with the help of the support system provided by house tutors, mistresses, and friends as well.

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