Questions What Parents Think About Boarding Schools

Today, most of us parents have a few questions about boarding schools in India. In this post, we have listed some questions (with the answers) which we know most parents have about boarding school.

What Parents Think About Boarding Schools

1 Q. What Age Can My Child Go To Boarding School?
   A. If your child is below the age of 7, then he or she can attend boarding schools as a day pupil.  He or she can attend as boarders if your child is above the age of 7.

2 Q. Can’t My Child Get Just As Good An Education In My Public School? Why Should I Go To All The Trouble And Expense Of Sending My Child To A Boarding Schools In India?
A: There are plenty of benefits to the boarding school that cannot be matched. For example- Students are provided more encouragement, support and differentiated instruction that is only possible is small classes and with greater access to professors and teachers. For instance- Ecole Globale International Girls’ School has a teacher to student ratio of 8:1 which means students can be in classrooms as large as twelve per teacher. Also, the faculties of  Ecole Globale school hold advanced degrees, and many of them live on campus and are therefore accessible and available to students outside the classroom.

3 Q. What Benefits Can A Boarding School Provides Parents Looking To Send Their Child To A Private School?
A. Boarding schools provide students once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to study as well as to collaborate with friends from India and overseas. This global network of friends, families, and alumnae will last a lifetime and many lifetimes for legacy families.

4 Q. Don’t Boarding Schools And Day Schools Offer The Same Kind Of Academic Programs?
A. Remember, academic programming depends on the schools’ certification, and day and boarding students receive the same superior level of academic instruction. The course of study has different needs that students need to meet in terms of sports and activities.

5 Q. What Are The Required Documents For Admissions
A. Documents needed for admission include:
1. Date Of Birth Certificate Issued By Government
2. Copy Of Passport/ Resident Permit (for Foreign Students)
3. Academic Transcripts Of Class Last Attended
4. Duly Filled Admission Forms(Provided By School)
5. 24 Recent Passport Size Photographs
6. Transfer Certificate From Last School Attended
7. Photographs Of Parents/ Local Guardian
8. Supporting Prescriptions Of Medical History If Any