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You are currently viewing No child deprived of online education during a pandemic: Javadekar
No child deprived of online education during a pandemic_ Javadekar

No child deprived of online education during a pandemic: Javadekar

Prakash Javadekar’s statement “ No child deprived of online education during a pandemic “ is different from the reality of the Pandemic.

The covid-19 pandemic has affected the world in many ways not only it affected the lives of people but also badly affected the economy and education of the world as most countries were not prepared for it. India also faced a lot of problems during the pandemic but still, it overcame a setback and started providing digital support in education, business, jobs, etc. and many believe education was badly affected during the pandemic as there was a lack of digital infrastructure to provide good quality education. 

Some schools provide the best resources during the pandemic as the school like girls boarding schools in Dehradun were able to provide online education to their students.

During a Question Hours in Lok sabha Union Minister Prakash Javdekar addresses the queries regarding the education was affected during a pandemic so the Union Minister replied “ In India despite Pandemic no Child deprived of education during a pandemic “ and he continued it by saying India has done a way better job than many countries in providing digital education and straight from age 5 to university level everything was online and that underprivileged student who doesn’t have a digital infrastructure to provide online education Government was able to provide Mohalla schools. Additionally, there are now 34 educational channels, 22 are for Higher Education and 12 are for school education. 

Additionally, the Union Minister was asked when the Government was planning to reopen schools Union Minister replied Many schools have come forward and started providing offline classes. He claimed that students who didn’t have TV were provided access to Mohalla schools“ The education reached everywhere, practically there is no gap now,” 

Union Minister also stated that while there was no fixed amount given to digital education in the union budget 2021 but the Government will spend more than 600 crores on improving infrastructure for digital education and he assured there will be no shortage of money for this digital initiative under Modi Government. 

Some schools did excel during the pandemic as the school like boarding schools in Dehradun were able to provide online education to its students but On the contrary, many government school and schools in the rural areas had the worst effect on education as the students were forced to study online without having basic digital infrastructure like mobile, laptops, internet, electricity.  Many students come from poverty with minimal educational support so the only medium for their education depends on offline classes but when the schools shut down students were forced to leave education and they were not able to afford it. 

Moreover, though there is a high demand for the improvement of digital infrastructure in the country and after the pandemic, everybody was waiting for the union budget thinking digital education will be the vital factor in the education budget but when the Finance Minister announced the budget people were unhappy as the digital education was totally neglected by the government. As in India poverty ratio is high so we need to build infrastructure to provide digital education to students so they can also get a chance to get the same high-quality education.

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