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  • Post published:Feb 28, 2020
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Delhi experienced a severe disorder in the North East region due to the communal riots that broke out this past week. The violence has resulted in the deterioration and destruction of the public as well as private properties. Numerous people were injured and the death toll till date stands at 38. Section 144 was imposed in several locations of Delhi, in order to regain peace in the capital city. Hundreds of police officers are patrolling the streets to curb any upsurge of the scattered violence in the north-east. This riot was one of the worst in some years. Interminable torching, wreckage and stone-pelting continued for several days which have finally come to a halt.

The rampage between the protesters and the police took a worse turn as the unrest rose in the city. The reasoning behind the uproar is said to be the result of the hate speeches and confusion generated regarding the recently implemented CAA law. CAA and NPR-NRC combination has produced a lot of doubts in the minds of people, and protests were happening for a while, in favour and against the law being implemented.

The sudden riots took place on the 23rd of February, 2020. This turbulence led to a disruption in the daily life of the general public. The ongoing CBSE board exams for class 10th and 12th have also been postponed in effect of the violent outbreak.

As per the official notice released by the CBSE Headquarters, the papers scheduled on 28th and 29th of February, 2020, have been postponed in the various centres in north-east zone of Delhi. Previously the papers on 25th, 26th and 27th of February had also been delayed. CBSE also said that renewed exams would be conducted of the students who missed their papers in the violence-hit areas. This decision is only relevant for the affected areas in the north-eastern zone, for the rest of the Delhi the schedule being followed is the same.

According to the press release by CBSE, all exams will resume in the same manner as per the original schedule from the 2nd of March onwards.

The decision has been taken in perspective of the possible inconvenience faced by the students, teachers and parents. CBSE also indicated that their officials are in constant contact with the principals of schools and have instructed them to seek out the details of the students who have missed their papers. The following papers have been postponed in Delhi:-

  • 27th March 2020
CLASS XII001 English Elective

101 English Elective C

301 English Core


  • 28th March 2020
CLASS X254 Elem Book-K & Accountancy
CLASS XII003 Urdu Elective

022 Sanskrit Elective

076 National Cadet Corps

303 Urdu Core

322 Sanskrit Core

622 Engineering Science

810 Front Office Operations

827 Air- Conditioning and Refrigeration

830 Design

831 Salesmanship


  • 29th March 2020


CLASS X002 Hindi Course- A

085 Hindi Course-B

CLASS XII046 Engineering Graphics

079 Library and Information Science(Old)

607 Typography and Computer Application (Old)

747 Library System and Resource Management

793 Capital Market Operations

817 Typography and Computer Application (New)

820 Electronic Technology

836 Library and Information Science ( New)

837 Fashion Studies

778 Printed Textile




The details of the centres where these exams have been postponed are available on the official website of CBSE – www.cbse.nic.in. The information regarding the conduction of the postponed exams will be notified shortly.

Essential points in the press release:-

  • The exams were being conducted without any disruptions since 15th
  • As per the request made by Directorate of Education, Government of Delhi, exams were postponed to avoid the discomfort of the students, faculties and parents.
  • All the information regarding the same is available on the official website.
  • Favourable action for the affected students will be taken shortly.

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