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  • Post published:May 11, 2020
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Distance education is not a new phenomenon, it has been used since the advent of online tools available to handle and operate them. But with the current scenario, as the coronavirus has created a pandemic situation in and around the world, distance education is going to play a preeminent role. As the diseases started spreading to countries over the world, the government did not have any other option left but to implement strict lockdown all over the country.

The schools, colleges, workplaces, everything went into a stop phase. The exams of many students are halted, the final year graduates, the class 12 students, everyone is in a challenging situation of life where we don’t know what is going to happen next. With the number of cases increasing day by day and the lockdown getting extended, it is quite a possibility that the lockdown is not getting revoked any time sooner.

Concerning the current situation, most of the companies have started to regulate work from home; with the many online options available, they are connecting with their employees over the internet. Day and boarding schools and colleges have also begun to conduct classes online through video calling applications and given the assignments to students. Many school students are being passed without any examinations. As there is no other option left in the lockdown situation, this is the best option available to us to keep doing something productive rather than sleeping and eating all day. So today, the value of distance education has increased to a numerous amount, so let us understand a bit more about distance education.


Students usually used to get tired with the 9 to 5 college schedule or the 6 to 1 school schedule. There could be many reasons for tiredness, but this does impact the concentration levels of students in the class. The distance education gives you the freedom to complete the lesson any time as per your convenience. If you feel that you are more active and can concentrate more during the night, you can study at night, and if you think you want to consider in the morning, you can watch the lessons in the morning. So it is a self-directed mode of learning, and it depends on you when you want to learn.


The classes are conducted online, so you would require a good internet connection so that you can watch the videos or download the modules or any written material given by them.


If you are learning through distance education that gives you a bit of liberty of time, but you still have the same learning as in offline mode. Many seminars are also conducted by the distance education provider, where it would be compulsory for you to attend. You will get an exposure to practical learning and instructions,


Online education doesn’t mean that your progress won’t be tracked or checked. You will get lots of assignments and tests which you need to complete after the seminars and lectures, and then you will be graded or allowed to move forward with the course based on your performance in the assignments or tests.


You will be under the observation of a trained professional throughout your study session. You will practice your skills and also get proper feedback on your performance by the trained professional observing you.

As the times have changed a lot and it is a difficult situation for all of us. But this doesn’t mean that you will stop studying. Advanced problems need advanced solutions. So distance education is a perfect solution for all those people out there who want to learn something new and upgrade their skills during the lockdown. And it is an excellent opportunity for those, trying to prepare for any examination in the upcoming year. There are many distance education courses available on different subjects and programs as per your needs and requirements. You can go over the internet and check all the distance education courses and choose one that suits you and start learning with the comfort of your home.

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