The ongoing pandemic is still prevalent in several parts of the world. No evidence has come forward that states that the COVID-19 may variate seasonally like influenza, common cold and other coronaviruses. The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that COVID-19 is shaping into ‘ONE BIG WAVE’ and the second wave in this respect may be non-existent. 

While the speculations and debates regarding the second wave of the virus due to seasonal variations are on an upsurge, the WHO spokesperson, Margaret Harris, denied all these theories. The complete and accurate information about the virus is yet to be discovered and all the baseless debates and assumptions are not helpful in describing the spread of the disease. 

Margaret Harris has said in a virtual briefing in Geneva that people are wrongly interpreting the virus with respect to the seasons and that everyone needs to understand that COVID-19 is behaving differently. She also urged the people to follow the instructions to curb the virus spread as social gatherings are the chief cause for accelerating the spread or the Coronavirus. She further warned the people for making assumptions regarding the subsequent waves conveying that COVID-19 is set to be one big wave with some ups and downs. The most favourable solution at present is to flatten the curve. 

Many media houses, politicians and many other people have continually talked and hoaxed the possibility of a second wave without any scientific definition of relevance. Majorly, the regional resurgence and spikes in several places are being interpreted as a second wave. The experts have not yet made any claims or statements confirming the “Second-wave”.


The priest of the highly disputed Ram Janmabhoomi in Ayodhya also tested positive for COVID-19 along with the 16 others security personnel. The priest Pradeep Das was to conduct the “Bhoomi Pujan” ceremony of the “Ram Mandir” on August 5th. 

The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi along with 50 VIPs scheduled to attend the ceremony on 5th August 2020. The ceremony program will be telecasted live with the help of the CCTVs set up in Ayodhya for the devotees all over the world. 


The Health Ministry of India stated that India is a very densely populated country and hence the option of Herd Immunity is not strategic and practical as it would come with massive implications. It will cost a lot of lives and will pose a major problem for the Healthcare Industry of the country. 


More than 16 million cases of the novel coronavirus have been reported worldwide. The patterns of disease spread are not such that the possibility of a second-wave can be anticipated. Second-Wave is being regarded as media-term by several experts which is not based on facts.

In India, the tally of coronavirus cases crossed the 16lacs mark when a record 55,079 people tested positive on Friday, 30th July. The recovery tally also crossed the 10 lacs mark and the casualties from the disease stand at 35, 747. 

India has one of the lowest fatality rates which is 2.18% compared to the global average of 4%. The rate of recovery in India is 64.54%. Currently, India is the third worst-hit country after the United States of America and Brazil in terms of the number of cases. 

In the wake of the pandemic spread, the Bihar government announced an extension of the lockdown till August 16. Further restrictions were also implemented in several headquarters in several divisions. 

The highest number of cases in India are present in Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat and Delhi but several states like Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Bihar are also rising as the hotspots rapidly. Maharashtra government also extended the lockdown till 31st August with some relief. The state government of Tripura announced a complete lockdown till 4th August.

Social Distancing and following proper measures are the only way to be safe. New developments every day suggests different information regarding the virus and wearing masks, maintaining social distance and staying home are the most reliable alternatives. 

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