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How To Earn Money While Studying In A School Or College

School and college is that time of an individual’s life when one is largely dependent on the parents for money. Since the budget is limited and controlled, students need to manage their needs accordingly and compromise on various aspects. And they want to earn money to satisfy their needs. Extra money at this point is always good. Savings also becomes an essential component, sooner or later. One is always surrounded by the need to increase their money inflow to meet their needs and improve their quality of life.

Nowadays, a number of students of boarding schools in Dehradun make money online apart from their studies. They want to become financially independent and achieve their goals and ambitions as soon as possible.

So can a student earn money while studying?

This question pops up in almost every student’s mind. It is due to the lack of knowledge; many students do not take any action on this thought. But then, another question arises:- Why should students make money? 

While the obvious reasons were cited in the beginning, I would like to share some other reasons involved:-

  • Wanting to aid and support the family financially.
  • Earning to meet your basic and extra expenses.
  • Wanting to learn new skills.
  • Wanting to utilize free time after school/ college.
  • Attaining financial independence and security.

With the primary reasons being discovered, let us now ponder over the sources and means that can help a student make money.

Clever Ways To Earn Money While Studying

A student’s life can be very demanding with a tight schedule to follow. At this learning phase of life, a student’s top priority should always be studying. However, vacations and weekends bring some free time for the scholars, and with the right direction, one can utilize them to earn some cash. Even free hours after school/ college can be utilized in a more efficient manner.

Making money as a student is indeed an exciting thought. In fact, there are various means through which students can earn some bucks while maintaining their academics. For many college students, making money is necessary to manage their fees and other financial needs. School going students can also utilize their free time to learn something new and fill up their pockets at the same time. These methods can also serve as excellent learning chances.

There are many opportunities through which students can earn money using online or offline modes. We have compiled some methods that can help the scholars to make a fair amount of money without compromising their studies:-

Offline Ways To Earn Money For Students

  • Making And Selling Handmade Craft:- Handmade crafts have a significant value in the market. People tend to lean towards handmade crafts and gifts as they have a personal touch and a charm attached to them. If you are gifted with a creative and innovative mind, making and selling handmade crafts can be a fantastic earning opportunity. Who knows, your little venture might turn up to become something big, and you may start your own handicrafts company!
  • Providing Tuitions:- Tuition classes are an excellent way of making some money while serving society. One can teach others while studying in a school or college. This will help you keep in touch with the syllabus, which will ultimately benefit you in the long run. One can make weekend tuition groups/ batches to earn more money.
  • Working As An Assistant In Local Business:- You can work as an assistant in the local shops and stores for a few hours after college or school. This will be an efficient way of utilizing your free hours and also helping local businesses.
  • Campus Ambassador:- Many firms hire Campus Ambassadors to promote their business and services. The main task here is to communicate the brand’s message to your college mates and peers. One can learn many things about branding while working as a campus ambassador.

Online Ways Of Earning For Students

Online methods of earning are very efficient for students. One can also earn money while sitting at home. Here are some ways of making money offline:-

Online Internships:- Today, various paid internship opportunities are available online with a learning curve attached to it. Students can participate in these programs to enhance their skills and get some industrial experience. Here are a few profiles that offer a decent amount to the interns:-

  • Web Developer:- Website Development is in demand. If you are pursuing a degree in this field, you can discover plenty of paid internship opportunities in this domain.
  • Content Writer:- If writing is your passion, then content writing is the job for you. This job does not require a lot of resources or qualifications, and one can earn good money while working from home. Students who love writing and are proficient in the English language can pursue the work of a content writer.
  • Digital Marketing:- Digital Marketing is the fastest-growing field with numerous prospects generating every hour. If Digital Marketing is your niche, then money can be earned easily. Plenty of online internships are available in this domain.
  • Graphic Design:- If you have a creative mind and sound editing and designing skills, then you can find plenty of graphic design work and opportunities. Companies pay reasonable amounts to freelancers, and with a good portfolio, you can bag several awesome prospects. 
  • Social Media Management:- This is another profile that offers numerous opportunities. Creating ad campaigns and managing the social media accounts of businesses requires some creative and well-informed mind. One can always try their hand in this field.
  • Blogging:- Blogging is one of the top ways of earning money online if done right. Bloggers today earn a handsome amount through ad revenue and sponsorships. Although this work requires some skill and professionalism, one can always start at the basic level.
  • Youtube:- Youtube can grant fame to anyone and also help in the generation of good income. If video making is your passion and you are blessed with singing, dancing, or any other talent, then you should definitely try your hands on this platform. Students can do this as a side hobby without affecting their studies.
  • Freelance Work:- Instead of pursuing an internship, you can always work as a freelancer. This way, you will not be bound by a time frame, and you will be free to take up as much work as possible. Although freelance work requires some experience, and hence one needs to have a strong profile and portfolio to grab good offers. This is good for college students.
  • Online Surveys:- Many companies and businesses conduct online surveys. You can participate in these surveys and earn some cash by merely answering a few questions. Just spending one or two hours of your day online would be enough. 


With the advent of the internet and online media, numerous opportunities have come up. For the students, making money online or offline while studying can be a great learning experience. They will learn to manage finances efficiently at a young age and also become financially independent.

The satisfaction one receives through buying things with their own earned money is unparalleled. Students making money learn many essential life lessons and the importance of hard work. While it is always advised to give prime focus to studies, with effective time-management, students can create an excellent work-life balance.

Therefore, do try your luck and become financially stable at a young age!

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