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How To Encourage Children To Read Books

“Each time I open a book, I forget myself.

After when I close the book, I find myself better.”


There must be a reason why it is said books are human’s best friends. The very second you convince yourself to open a book to read, you find your reasons to make a book as your next best friend. There is no particular reason that can define the phrase, and this is the magic that a book does. Out of several different addictions in the world, book reading is the finest, as when the other addictive substances make you weak and lone, books make you forget your individuality just to embrace your individuality better. You grow different substantial thinking while growing with or around books. You tend to understand better and make people understand. This is because you have lived several lives and gained multiple experiences while living just a single life. You have changed characters through books, you have met people in the book, and now you can imply things with your real life and real people around.


A habit of reading is counted under good habits as for every living being it is said that it is not alphabets which make you strong it is the experience that makes you strong to face the world, reading books helps you experience emotions and motions. It is appreciated if the habit of reading grows within a child during childhood. It is said that the habits developed during childhood stay the longest and are not easy to take away.

Here are some points that can help you encourage children to read:


Buy children-oriented books:

Asking a child to read romantic or sci-fi books is worthless as even if the child begins to read, he/she can hardly manage to gain interest in the storyline to travel through the book. So, buy books that are relevant to their age and which are about topics of their interest. Once the child is into a book and has traveled into the core, there is nothing that can stop the child from landing at the end of the book. There are even books of short stories and long stories for bedtime. Some books are meant for the very tiny kids with pictorial storytelling. Life is fun if books are kept by your side, and once you love to read them, you can travel into any corner of the world through those pages.


Make them read again and again and again:

Making a hobby or building a habit isn’t easy. Drafting that interest initially and awakening your reading fun factor requires genuine dedication. Many times while reading, we misinterpret or do not get to know what is conveyed through the line; in such a case, you must advise your children to read again and again and again until the point is clear. Also, when you read certain stories or novels or poems several times, each time you come up with a different conclusion about the end and the entire plot. This generally happens due to the state of mind you are in while reading the plot. This is the magic I was talking about that a book creates, and this is the magic that must be awakened.


Try interactive reading:

You hold a book you wish to read and make your child hold the book he/ she wish to read. The two of you can exchange your thoughts about the books, about characters, about the story, and everything. Now the question is what will happen through this. So through this practice, you can make reading fun; you will try to understand the plot better since once you end reading, you are supposed to explain the context to the other person. Also, parents can make the children summarize what he/they read in the book; this will be like a cross-check. You can also manage to play some fun questionnaires or crosswords or scribble according to what was read. It will be a kind of a reading and memory exercise.


A bribe can work a few times:

You can try to bribe your younger version to make it read. Do not promise giant bribes but can attract them through good food, more books, colors, or whatever your kids are fond of. Sometimes even you can promise a day out or picnic sort of things where you can encourage your child for outdoor reading. Reading is fun while being close to nature; your thoughts and imaginations run more wide while you are sitting in a good healthy atmosphere. It boosts concentration, and you can easily transfer yourself to the world written in those pages. But do not bribe too much or too often. This might lead to a bad conclusion that your child might draw about reading. Do not make it like sticking to just material goodness; help them see far beyond those bribes as life is good beyond. Getting caged into material needs ruins the fun part of reading.

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