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Importance of Education of Girls in the Twenty-First Century

When we look at the socioeconomics, India is one of the most populated nations of the world. In any case, the pace of the young girl’s education is still very low in the nation. It is very disturbing to see these figures in a nation where girls are given the status of goddesses. The figures have altogether improved to a substantial degree in the past three decades; however, there are as yet far to go. Girls were not permitted to try and step out of their homes in the old times, but times have evolved. Alongside evolving times, individuals’ reasoning is likewise evolving. They wish to educate and train their young girls and see them prevail throughout everyday life. Nonetheless, this isn’t the situation in India which makes for over 60% of the world populace. We have to recognize the variables liable for such low paces of young girl education to discover a few arrangements to improve the girl education standards in the country. To curb this problem, many schools in India have founded themselves as all-girls’ school to impart education to girls making parents feel safe about their security, and thus they send their girls to school. There are good schools in Dehradun like Ecole Globale International School for Girls. This institution is dedicated to serve the country by educating and empowering the young girls of the country. It was established in April 2012 by Mr Amarjeet Juneja and is counted as of the Best Schools in Dehradun. It is affiliated to CIE and CBSE boards of education.

What are the Elements Contributing to Low Rate of Girl Education in the nation? 

Different elements make it inexplicable for young girls to get an education in our nation. Despite the fact that education and training are being made free, it still includes a significant expense to send young girls to a school. Therefore, families who are battling to make a decent living choose to neglect to pay the educational costs of their kids. Besides, in provincial regions, there aren’t many schools. This makes it another issue for their education, as they are situated a long way away from the schools or the schools in the nearby cities. In certain zones, students need to stroll for three to four hours to arrive at their school. This is the place the well-being of the young girls gets traded off, so guardians don’t see it fit to send them off to schools. 

Moreover, backward thinking about individuals makes it harder for young girls to get an education. A few people still accept young girls are intended to remain in their homes and take care of the kitchen and children. They don’t care for girls to do some other thing apart from family duties, let alone have a profession of their own. Other than that, social issues like early child marriage and child labour likewise prevent young girls from getting a decent education. Guardians pull little girls out of school to wed them off at an early age.

Advantages of Girl Education 

In the event that we wish to see India’s improvement, we have to educate our young girls and ready them for a better and sustainable life. They are, without a doubt, the eventual fate of our country. In addition, when they become taught, they won’t need to be subject to others for their occupation. One of the most significant advantages of young girl education is that the nation’s future will be more splendid. Likewise, our economy can become healthier, assuming an ever-increasing number of girls becoming monetarily solid thus, consequently diminishing destitution. Moreover, girls who are taught can take appropriate care of their kids and family. This will fortify the future as lesser children will bite the dust because of an absence of inoculation. In any event, for girls, they will be less inclined to turn into a patient of HIV/AIDS as they will know about the results. 

In particular, educated girls can bring about abatement in social issues like debasement, child marriage, household abuse and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. They will turn out to be increasingly certain about themselves and handle their families better. In this way, we perceive how one educated girl can bring such a great amount of progress in her life alongside the others around her too.


Why is young girl education not supported in India?

India is as yet a developing nation. It has a lot of backward reasoning. It is one of the fundamental reasons why individuals don't urge young girls to get an education.

What are the benefits of teaching young girls?

When we teach young girls, we educate an entire country. The education of young girls will bring about a superior raise in the economy and a more promising time to come.

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