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Competition in the school is essential element in every student’s life. The competition is essential for the students because it motivates them to do some hard work in their life. It increases their interest in the classroom because in today’s world students easily lose their interest in schools. They are physically present in the class, but mentally they are not. Here we are talking about the healthy competition. The healthy competition means learn new skills techniques and improve ourselves. The healthy competition creates the self-discipline and ethics in students

Competition doesn’t mean to be better than someone else. So for bringing their interest back in classrooms, there should be some healthy competition which excites the students and sparks their passion, lit the fire inside them, and create the healthy self-image within them. The competition is not only about games as the other activities like writing skills, artistic skills ,martial art and academics are also included in the healthy competition.

The competition in school discloses the student’s strengths and weakness. During the competition in school, students can also measure themselves with others in a positive manner; it also helps us to deal with problems and failures. Sports Competition in school requires dedicated training and practice; it also improves the fitness of students.


The competition is of two types healthy and unhealthy. In healthy competition, students need teamwork and positive participation. From healthy competition students are encourage to improve themselves and learn new techniques. If the competition is between the groups, then the teamwork is necessary for the achievements, and it is also the effective way to grow friendship between students. But healthy competition doesn’t mean winning. It’s all about fun and learns something new.

On the other hand, unhealthy competition always focuses on winning there is pressure on students to win the competition instead of having fun and learn new techniques. The unhealthy competition means tearing others down. In unhealthy competition, students argue and bully each other, which is not suitable for them. All these things happen because we always force them to win and most of the students never take part in the competition in schools because they are afraid of loosing.


  1. Healthy competition brings out the skills and talents of students.
  2. Because of healthy competition, students learn new techniques and many more things like teamwork, positive attitude.
  3. In healthy competition, students learn problem-solving skills.
  4. In healthy competition, students having fun and enjoy.
  5. Healthy competition builds confidence in students.
  6. In healthy competition, we became innovative and creative because i6t always pushes us to do better things.


Many parents compare their children with others. Still, it’s not the right way to motivates them; your child may be different from others he or she might have different qualities or talents, so always appreciate your child don’t force them to win because winning is not only the goal, the goal is to learn new skills and techniques. In any case, if your child is unmotivated or upset, so its parent’s responsibility to come forward and counsel them for facing the challenges in life, encouraging and cheering them to do better work. As parents, always support your child, whether he or she wins the competition or not, help them to focus on improvements.


‘Win’ and ‘lose’ are just words, it doesn’t matter that you win or lose it’s all about how you play the game and how much efforts you put on the game or whatever the competition. Everyone wants to win the competition but being a competitor; it’s not only the one thing that you have to win. There are many more like developing your skills and learning new techniques. When you lose the game, be courageous or when you win the game, be proud. Instead of comparing yourself with others, use what you have differently. Losing is a lesson to the students that how much efforts they have to put in the future to improve themselves. After that they can work harder on this and prepare themselves for the next competition even much better than the last times.

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