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Important personality traits for the success of student and teachers

Characteristics that develop from specific life experiences and those that are innate to people as individuals together make personality traits. The success of a person is determined by his/her personality traits. Success is defined in different ways by different people. Given below are the personality traits which help in the success of teachers and students. A person is regarded as successful if the majority of these traits are present in him/her.



The capability of a person to handle the changes happening suddenly without making them as distractions.

  • Students with this trait without letting their academics suffer handle sudden adversity.
  • Being capable of making adjustments quickly, teachers with these traits are able to minimize distractions when things are not going accordingly.



The ability of a person to meticulously and efficiently complete a task which is of the highest quality.

  • Consistent high-quality work is produced by students with this trait.
  • Teachers with this trait provide quality lessons and activities daily to the students and thus are quite organized and efficient.



Using original thinking to solve a problem

  • Students with this trait are efficient in problem-solving and can think critically.
  • Creative Teachers create lessons that engage every student in the class and thus build a classroom that is inviting to students, this is the quality of a good teacher in the classroom.



Without giving up, the ability to fight through adversity to accomplish a goal.

  • Determined students do not allow any hurdle in their path of accomplishing goals and thus are goal-oriented.
  • Determined teachers do not make any excuses and find ways to tackle challenging students without giving up. And through trial and error, they get their job done.



It is a trait that allows one person to relate to another who may not share similar life experiences.

  • With this trait, students can relate to their classmates who are supportive, non-judgmental and understanding.
  • With this trait, Teachers try to meet students’ needs who have stressful lives outside the school and help them by finding the solutions to their problems.



Without feeling resentment or holding a grudge, it is the ability to move beyond a situation in which you were proven wrong.

  • When the student has been wronged by someone, forgiveness can help to let go of the things which could serve as a distraction.
  • This trait let the teacher work with those people ( like parents, students, or other teachers) who may have created an issue over a thing which was detrimental.



Sincerity through words and actions is demonstrated by genuine people.

  • Genuine Students are trusted by all. They are looked upon as leaders in their classrooms and thus have many friends.
  • Genuine teachers are highly regarded by their peers and are trusted by parents and students. This makes them highly professional.
  • teacher and student both have to understand that if the student wants to learn something he will ask the question. and the teacher will help that student because she /he knows that the student wants to collect knowledge from his teacher.



When dealing with any situation, the gracious person is always kind, courteous and thankful.

  • Gracious students are always liked by their teachers and peers, and their personality draws people towards them. If at any time an opportunity arises, they always help the people in need.
  • Gracious teachers always volunteer for assignments and are invested in their school. They also find ways to assist needy families and help other teachers who are in need.



Gregariousness is the capability to relate to and socialize with other people.

  • Students with this trait are the center of the social universe and can make connections with anyone easily.
  • Gregarious teachers can make a real connection and can carry on the conversation with anybody. They can build strong relationships with students and their parents.



It is the capability of a person to be brave, courageous and strong in spirit.

  • Students with this trait are very strong-minded who always stand-up for others and battle through adversity.
  • Teachers with grit have the capability to make difficult decisions and do not let anything come in their way of teaching.



An independent person does not require assistance from others and work on their problem themselves.

  • Students with this trait are very self-aware and also self-driven. These students do not wait or rely on other people to accomplish a task.
  • An independent teacher comes up with solutions to the problems on their own and also without anybody’s consultation to make general classroom decisions. They take ideas from other people and make it work great.



Without any reason understanding something through instincts.

  • Students with this trait can easily sense if their teacher or a friend is having a bad day and can work to improve it.
  • An intuitive teacher can easily sense when the students do not understand the concepts, and so adapt another way to make them understand.


Without expecting anything in return, it is the ability to help others.

  • Students who are kind are very thoughtful and often try to do something nice by going out of their way. They are very generous and have many friends
  • Teachers who are kind are very popular among students as they always look for teachers with a kind nature.

if the student understands each and every word of a teacher.which is good for his/her future this will be a good quality of a student are naughty but if they listen to their teacher then teacher also ignore that thing


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