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  • Post published:Jun 19, 2020
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How to increase your chid’s indulgement in volunteer work

As a responsible citizen of the society, we must help the people who are less fortunate and in need of help. Building the feelings of compassion and empathy is one of the most crucial responsibilities of the parents. In the world where poverty is a grave concern, it is our duty to look after our fellow human beings and provide them the necessary aids. Charitable work should be considered a vital practice in an individual’s life.

Volunteer work can significantly help in developing such traits in an individual. Teaching the children to volunteer will not only build their charitable habits but also help them learn about the society, the struggles faced by the other creatures, the value of money and human relationships, protection of nature, etc. 

When children engage in volunteer activities, they learn to appreciate the small things in life and develop a sense of gratitude and thankfulness. All these virtues are essential to create a successful and compassionate citizen of society. Parents and teachers play a significant role in the process. 

So, how can the parents and teachers decide which volunteer activity will be suitable for their child? Here are a few ways of identifying your child’s personality and abilities to assign them the right volunteer activity. 


One thing that parents and educators should keep in consideration is that the volunteer activity that you assign to a child should be as per their personality, capabilities, and interests. If your child is extremely young, you cannot assign a massive task to them, which requires a lot of traveling and physical work. Simple tasks like picking up trash in the park and throwing it in the bin or donating their old toys to the needy children can be suitable for young children. They will gradually build their habit, and in the future, they will voluntarily be involved in more activities. 

Parents can also participate in various activities with their kids. Children tend to imitate the lifestyle and habits of their parents. Hence, if you wish to teach your kids something, you can engage in it yourself first. Merely offering a helping hand to the family members at home can be a great learning lesson for the children. If they develop this helping nature at home, they will reflect the same behavior in school with their peers and classmates. Volunteer work is an excellent way of teaching leadership qualities to the students. Schools can also organize events involving volunteer work to help the students.  



Many local organizations and NGO’s organize events in which they collect relief funds and utilities, and distribute them to the helpful and needy people. For this work, they look for people to volunteer. Students can help in these tasks and assist in distributing food packages, clothes, utilities, etc. to the poor and needy people.


Some unfortunate kids in society don’t have money books also. They also yearn for some toys and games. Children can give their used toys and books to such kids. Clothes and shoes can also be granted as children outgrow these things very fast. Instead of dumping away these things, why not pass it on to the needy children and help them have a better childhood. 


Collaborating with other people to organize charity walks can be a great way of spreading awareness in the community. This is also a fun activity that gives children a sense of pride and accomplishment. 


Keeping our surroundings clean is a fundamental task that every teenager should learn and adapt as a vital part of their lifestyle. By encouraging the students to involve in cleaning activities, you can build their habit.


Planting trees, flowers, vegetables, etc. is an excellent activity for the kids. Not only will they enjoy the process, but they will also learn valuable lessons and contribute to the betterment of society. They will build bonds with their colleagues, make a better and clean environment, and enhance their skills. 


Children can volunteer to help their elderly neighbors by edging their garden, cleaning up their sidewalk, or shoveling the snow from their driveway. Elder kids can offer to babysit their neighbor’s kids in times of emergencies. Such habits will gain an appreciation for your kid and help them establish their stand in society. 

Helping neighbors and peers can be a terrific way of hooking up a child into doing volunteer and charity work. The self- esteem and confidence of the child will increases as they will feel more established and happy.  

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