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My marvelous schooling journey in dehradun

The schooling phase of our life is one of the most important and imperative ones. At a tender age, when the exposure of any kind significantly affects our character development, schools play a significant role in entrenching a strong base in an individual. Our foundation is established in schools, that influences us for the rest of our lifetime. Schools prepare us for facing the many problems of life more efficiently. Hence, schools are an essential instrument in developing proficient and intellectual individuals.

The quality of life dramatically differs for the people who have gained an education in the primary stage of life. Uneducated individuals find it hard to cope up with specific problems that life poses towards them. Educated people are bound to be more successful and have a better shot at various life ventures. Also, the type of schooling dramatically affects our personality. A schooling culture that enunciates an all-round character enhancement of the students is where the most success is experienced. In all these parameters, Dehradun stands out as an eligible winner when schooling is considered.

I have gained my elementary, primary as well as the secondary level education in some of the best schools of Dehradun, and I must say, my experience has been a phenomenal one. There is no other place that I can visualize for a better basic level of education for myself. The things I learned in the schools of Dehradun have helped in numerous situations of life and today, and I can confidently confirm that I have had the best school training in the country.

Dehradun is righteously considered as the “Education Capital of India”. The schools of Dehradun employ the best teaching methodologies and philosophies in the nation. I did my elementary education from a local school in Dehradun and then for my primary and secondary level education, I enrolled in one of the top boarding schools of Dehradun. I was a part of the Ecole Globale International School, from 4th standard and here are a few points that I feel made my school training an outstanding one:-

  • The atmosphere and the surrounding ambience of the place are beautiful. Clean and peaceful surroundings helped me much in focusing on my studies more effectively. The weather conditions are moderate, and I did not face any trouble due to the temperatures and climatic conditions.
  • The location of this place is such one of its most significant advantage. Surrounded by the view of beautiful mountains of the Himalayan ranges, the landscapes are covered lush green vegetation. The place is comfortable on the eyes, and your mind will always feel rejuvenated in the pristine environment. I never felt distracted or disgusted by my surroundings, and that helped me much in my learning process.
  • Dehradun is one of the safest city in the country today. As a woman safety is my primary concern and Dehradun provided me with that. The people here are very broad-minded and secular. No harsh restrictions or stereotypes are imposed on the girls. The society is very liberated, and the crime rates are also meagre.
  • One thing that affected me the most was the teachers and other faculties that I met here. They were the best and provided the most productive guidance to the students. The educators I met here cannot be compared on anyone that I have achieved till now. The standards set by my teachers during my school time was very high, and I feel myself to be honoured to have had this opportunity of embarking my journey under their supreme guidance.
  • During my residential schooling years, I saw the maximum positive growth as a human being. My school provided a great emphasis on the extra-curricular activities along with the studies. I used to be engaged in various programs such as debates, art and craft, sports, music etc. I also developed special skills during this time of life. I became self-reliant in most of my requirements and also gained confidence.
  • I was enrolled in an all-girls boarding curriculum, and it was a great decision. I did not experience any gender-based partiality and developed specific skills which I would not have been able to gain in a co-ed school. My school gave significant importance to the intellectual, spiritual and physical development of the student. I can safely say that I feel even more empowered as a woman, and have capabilities that help in handling the various situations of life elegantly. I was also exposed to international standards as my school had adopted a global teaching structure in its curriculum.

Finally, I will conclude by saying that Dehradun is the best place to gain a school level education. I highly recommend this place to all the parents who are looking for an excellent education for their child. I have also enrolled my daughter in a top school of Dehradun, and I can guarantee you that she is showing a phenomenal work ethic.

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