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Need Of Training Of Educators In Educational Institutions

Teachers are the most important parts of our education system children’s future, parents’ dreams, and school success all depend on teachers. Teachers are the most respected professionals in the world because they share their knowledge with children and help them to grow and prepare them to become successful in life.  Nowadays due to the boom in technology and internet educators teaching method have become outdated as their way of teaching is limited to books and chalkboard which is exactly the same as it was 20 year ago so that’s why children are depending on the internet for their knowledge rather than teachers that’s why we could see a rise in online educations. We are living in a time where the world moves at a very fast pace and everything keeps on changing so educators also have to keep updating themselves with time like our ancestors used to say, ” Move with time other-wise you will be left behind “.

Why Training Of Educators is Necessary?

Educators Training is a need of an hour as we all know that at the time of the Covid – Pandemic when school got closed and the city was under a lockdown, the government asked schools to teach children online and a majority of schools struggled to teach online as they were stuck to the old way of teaching and it was hard for them to adjust to new teaching techniques. Some teachers didn’t even know how to operate computers and some having a hard time understanding how the internet works which result in poor education for children.

Another reason why Educator Training is Educators plays a vital role in student life as they are the main source of their knowledge so if the educator is well educated, highly skilled and trained regularly and constantly updated their knowledge it will not only beneficial for themselves but also the children as they would be able to teach them better in more effective way which help the student learn faster and better.

Training Of Educators


Training is important for Educators and some school like boarding schools of India and specially Boarding school of Dehradun has given a model and left their footprint as to how to teach educators in a way best way here are some of the technique they use:

  •         Firstly, the school board organizes workshops periodically to educate the teachers about e-learning and help them to elevate their skills and knowledge in their particular field and keep them up to date.
  •         Secondly, they targeted the fresh educator who lacks confidence, experience, and knowledge so they groom them in such a way by providing complete training about how to treat children, what method to use while teaching and etc.
  •         Thirdly provide education to the educators on how to use new technology and the internet so they can understand every aspect of it and can implement that knowledge in teaching better and help the kids in more as most kids now are technology savvy.
  •         Lastly, they teach educators how to use the modern board instead of a chalkboard as the new board is so advanced as it is like a big computer screen and can perform tasks like computers so students can connect and understand well from that.

Benefits of Training of Educators

There are enormous benefits of Training Educators like:

  •         Building strong relationships with students, as educators constantly updating themselves and then educator teaches the new learning to students which results in excellent progress of a student.
  •         Students get practical knowledge as the educator learn a new way of teaching which is more practical and based on reasoning by this method of teaching student understand the information better.
  •         School results will improve as schools focus on the educator and give them all the tools they tend to prosper will result in a highly-skilled educator this makes the student perform better and it makes all parent, school, children, and educator happy.
  •         Creates a learning environment in school as  when you start training educators suddenly educator doesn’t feel like it is a 7-2 job suddenly their mindset changes of working to learning and this mindset help them to keep updating themselves

Training Of educators Is a Dream or Reality?

After the covid pandemic schools are forced to change their mindset and have started to adopt a new way of education where educators will be given priority and it will be school responsibility to introduce workshop, e-learning to educate the educators and update their skills in such a way where both the educator and student can be benefitted.

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