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  • Post published:Jun 17, 2021
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Say no to Plastic Bags

Plastics have become a significant part of our daily lives. People consider it easy to carry a plastic bag for taking away items of daily use from nearby shops, locals & vendors. From common poly bags to electric switches, bottles & containers of daily use, all consist of plastic. But do you know that it is equally harmful to our lives as it is usable.

According to national survey data, about 5 trillion plastic bags were consumed by the whole world in 2018. This means that 1 million bags in just a single minute.

Yes, due to extreme & regular use of plastics in the form of shopping bags, vegetable bags, plastic bottles, containers, etc., it has had a terrible impact on the whole environment.

Do you know? A plastic bag once thrown away on the ground can take 10 to 10000 years to degrade in soil. It is because plastic is non-biodegradable material which doesn’t decompose when exposed to the soil for years. It’s hazardous to the environment as well as the health of human beings. They are a serious threat to our environment as it is one of the major factors in causing pollution.

Other Alternatives to Plastic Bags

The deliberate use of plastic has increased a major threat to the lives of not only human but also to animals as well as aquatic life. So, why continue using this when we have a lot of other options that can effectively be used in place of plastics.

Let us know about some of these alternatives given below: 

  1. Canvas Bags

Canvas bags made up of cotton, are more durable that come in different shapes & sizes. Widely used for shopping, these bags are stronger & thicker alternatives to their contemporary plastic bags. Having the quality of light-weight and cost-effectiveness, these bags are conventionally preferred not only in India but also by people in other countries.

The most interesting thing is that these can be regularly washed & can be reused as many times as possible. You can also make these bags at home by purchasing the material & switching your canvas bag.

  1. Glass

Yes, this is a great alternative option which can disjunctively be used to cut down the use of plastic in our daily lives. Especially usable as household item food containers & bottles, glass is made up of sand, which doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals that could spoil your food as well as body.

Although bottles & containers made of glass are more expensive, yet are worth the price. Hence, it is advised to think of this great alternative to plastic.

  1. Jute bags , Cotton or Leather bags

These plain & simple jute bags serve a great alternative to plastic bags. These bags can be used for shopping purposes & while buying vegetables from the market. Also, these are inexpensive ones that can biologically biodegrade in just 1 or 2 years. Say no to plastic bags & welcome to environment friendly jute bags.

Every now & then, plastic is commonly used around the world in almost homes. The better way to reduce its use is to switch on to the use of non-woven bags like hemp, cotton, leather bags or even woven fibre bags. Seriously, this is an innovative way to save the environment with the havoc of plastic. These are stronger & durable that can hold much weight as compared to those plastic bags.

A denim bag, as compared to the plastic bag can uphold materials in much quantity. These bags can be easily washable & kept for a longer time. Using these is more effective than using plastic ones. Moreover, it will not cost you much as it can be prepared by an old piece of your daily wear jeans. You can switch over to these using a pair of your old denim jeans.

Made up of petroleum compounds, plastic releases carbon on being burnt that becomes a carbon sink if it is left out in a landfill. When disposed off, it pollutes the air, water, soil and even the whole atmosphere as it releases toxic chemicals. Recycling of plastic helps in controlling the negative impacts but does not completely reduce it.

Last but not least, life without plastic bags is possible as it is well observed in the countries that have imposed a strict ban on its usage. This campaign has also started in India to prevent the lives of people.

Well, these are top alternatives that can be used instead of plastic bags to reduce the risk of our lives. So, with these say no to plastics!

Say No to Plastic Drive in Ecole Globale International School

Students of Ecole Globale International Girls’ School have recently started a drive named ‘Say no to plastics drive’. In this campaign, students of grades 7 & 8 along with their Activity Head, Ms. Shipra Singh & a teacher, Ms Savitri, explained the need to eliminate the use of plastic bags. They encouraged using paper & jute bags while discarding the use of plastic bags.

With this project, they conveyed the message to all about saving the planet while making it eco-friendly place to live in. Their prime goal was to create awareness about the hazardous effects of using plastic bags among local shopkeeper and street vendors. Using old newspapers, they together made more than 500 paper bags & distributed those to local vendors & shopkeepers of the nearby village. This step also highlighted that even students can positive changes in protecting the environment.

So, it’s high time to get rid use of single use plastic bags for the betterment of people’s lives!


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