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  • Post published:May 24, 2021
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Audit Your Classroom Library For Diversity

Libraries are an essential part of any educational institution. Libraries can be considered as the powerhouse of the learning process. Every classroom has a library that helps the students to get answers on various topics outside their syllabus.

Libraries are a source of knowledge that glorifies the teachings of the great philosophers. They provide students the opportunity to explore the vast field of education and learning. Libraries are a treasure for the philosopher, and their significance in schools cannot be denied. So how can a teacher ensure that the classroom library is perfect? How can they include diversity in classroom libraries?

A regular audit can immensely help in this particular sector. Girls boarding school in Dehradun conduct an audit and create a separate library as per the interest of the girls’ students. Here are a few ways in which teachers can conduct a successful audit and create a perfect library for the classroom:-

Books As Windows And Mirrors

Books can be a great way towards self-discovery. Books are written with a lot of research and usually contain a lot of information related to a particular topic. Teachers can collect information on the different cultural backgrounds, traditions, and religions of all the students in the classroom and include the books related to them in the classroom library.  

Novels can also help the students relate to the protagonist having the same ethnicity and character traits. Make sure that these books have a valuable learning lesson that motivates the student to accomplish something great and provides them the inspiration for the same. The students can get the following thoughts in their minds through these books:- 

o She is from the middle-east like me.

o Her personality matches mine.

o The main character is from the same cultural background as mine.

o The protagonist and I belong to the same community. 

Not many students find such affirming books in the libraries. Hence, it the duty of the educator to analyze their students and get the best books that reflect their origins and personality, inspiring. 

Books can also act as a transformative experience and change our general perception of the world and people. They can also help users understand our relationship with others in a more positive light. Books contain information about the world, cultures, animals, environment and sometimes they help us imagine the future of the world. 

The Bookshelf Equity Audit

The main goal of this practice is to analyze the classrooms and foster great conversations from the perspective of the books used in the training program. This activity can also be used in the skill development of the students. Faculties and teachers can also take assistance from these books and develop a proper curriculum and proliferate learning opportunities for the students. Every member of the classroom should be able to find a book that aligns with their interests and expectations. Here are a few tips for arranging the best bookshelf for the school:-

1) Divide Into Categories

Distribute the books as per their categories. Make different categories according to the various book genres. This way, a selection of the book will become easier, and the students will be able to access their desired text easily. Divide the categories as informative, self-help, art and craft, novels, short stories, biographies, etc.

2) Include Maximum Genres

Books are available in numerous genres. Survey the classroom and make a list of the children’s favorite styles. Try to get the books from each choice and include it in the class library. This will help every student find something of their interest, and they will develop a habit of reading.

3) Tabloids And Magazines

Current news is also essential. Make sure that you get the daily newspaper in the classroom. Get a few copies so that every student gets the opportunity to read them. Weekly magazines on various topics can also be included.

4) School Magazines

Schools generally have magazines that contain information about previous and upcoming events, school activities and awards, articles written by the students, and education news. Teachers can also include these in the classroom library for the students to discover the latest happenings and news about their schools.

5) Eliminate Offensive Books And Materials

Ensure that you screen all the books present in the classroom library. There might be some books that may be sending a wrong message to the students and encouraging them in the wrong way. Some books also include offensive age-inappropriate content. Students are young and may fall susceptible to such information easily. Hence, as a teacher, you should regularly check the contents of the library and make sure that there is no inappropriate book. 


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