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  • Post published:Jan 29, 2022
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Ways of becoming a responsible youth


When it comes to vocabulary and all other academic areas of study, there is no denying the fact that our parents play an important role in our lives. They act as a guiding hand and pass on knowledge to us. But what about the practical aspect of maturity? How do we ensure that we do not get carried away with things which might cause irreversible damage to ourselves as well as those around us?

The world today is full of problems, especially when it comes to the youth. In many ways, the negative actions of the youth cause a lot of these problems. Not only do they bring with them physical hazards and violence, they also contribute to the loss of morals in other people.

Recently I have been thinking about a lot of things, including my age. You see, I turn 18 soon and that means a lot of things like: Can I vote? Can I drink beer!? Can I get an apartment of my own? I’m also interested in non-legal-aged youth. You know. All you little kids out there who cannot drink beer or vote. Although this article is mainly aimed towards adults (I already did one on how children play videogames), it’s written by someone who still enjoys the mind of a child and thus childish writing style will be used extensively.

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Being a teenager, a lot of people think that all I do is play video games and hang out with friends after school. There are a lot of people on TV that perform negative actions and these also shape my perspective and beliefs about what many people think. I love gaming because it gives me an escape and helps me to relax after a long week at school.

Being a responsible youth entails that you take charge of your life and that you make the right decisions in order to accomplish your goals. You also have to be ready for challenges that life throws at you.

Ways of becoming a responsible youth

Seek self-improvement

This involves reading a lot of books, magazines, listening to audiobooks, online courses and attending seminars in order to develop yourself intellectually and personally. Developing yourself is necessary especially in this present generation where you can find anything online. You can learn how to communicate with people effectively or improve your leadership skills by taking these kinds of courses.

Treat others well

This kind of responsibility means having love and respect for your parents, siblings, grandparents and other family members. It also includes respecting other people and treating them well, even if they don’t deserve it because everyone deserves to be treated well. People will respond better to you if you treat them with kindness even when they don’t deserve it because doing this makes you a good person inside out.

Be honest with yourself

Knowing oneself entails knowing one’s strengths and weaknesses as well as acknowledging one’s mistakes so that he or she won’t make the same mistake again. It also entails being honest about your feelings for someone.

Being a responsible youth has become synonymous with being an upstanding and mature individual. Irresponsible behavior is usually not tolerated by society and individuals that engage in this type of behavior are often looked down upon by the public. A study was performed to determine the ways in which a person can become a responsible youth. The types of ways were identified to be:

  • Living responsibly
  • Working responsibly
  • Spending responsibly
  • Teaching responsibility to others

Becoming a responsible youth is not an easy task. It takes time and effort to become responsible. But once you make that decision, you will experience a lot of benefits that will help you throughout your life.

Trying to become a responsible person can be difficult, but it’s worth it once you’re there.

Tips to help you become a responsible youth

The key to becoming a responsible person is making good choices. Every choice you make has an effect on how responsible you will be. If you are trying to become a responsible person, make good choices. For example, don’t use drugs or alcohol because those things can have serious consequences later in life. Make sure the people you hang out with are good influences on you and won’t try to influence your decisions in a negative way.

Fortunately, making good choices isn’t as hard as it sounds because there are many things that are wrong for people and only a few things that are right for them. So studying what’s right for people and what’s wrong for them is crucial if you want to become more responsible and avoid being irresponsible.

Also, make sure that the friends around you have good intentions as well so they won’t influence your decisions in a negative way.

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