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Tips to teach children to be more responsible and independent

A decent upbringing is why children turn out to be good human beings and good citizens while they grow up. Apart from the experiences, learning, knowledge, and friends, upbringing is the primary factor in the characterization of any human being. The personality one develops and the persona one creates around people attract people with similar vibes. The Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma once mentioned in her interview that “similar upbringing and family background was something that made Virat and me so close. Today we share such a special bond just because of it.”

Being responsible is the first thing every mother teaches her child to be. The training of being responsible begins with making the child realize what job they are supposed to do. The position may include putting their things back in place, keeping themselves clean, feeding themselves, etc. These are small jobs, but help have a more significant impact on personality development for a lifetime. When the child grows a little more, one begins to look after the people surrounded with, i.e., family and friends. Learning is a slow and steady process that takes time and must be planted from an absolute young age as it is easier to teach younger children than when they grow up. When a child begins to manage their work directly or indirectly, they begin to become responsible on their own.

The habits of responsibility and independence are developed right from childhood. If you keep on doing your child’s work, your job will be taken for granted, and a child will have to struggle more when one grows up. This kind of pampering is hazardous; with growing, the child begins to think that this might be your job to do. With this, one might also lose the ability to empathize and do similar things one might expect from their partner do, which is inappropriate. Encouraging your child to read books can be one of the ways to overcome this problem.

Along with the job part, you must also teach the child to take responsibility for their actions and mistakes. Accepting is the first key to learning and evolving. No man is born perfect; we are meant to make mistakes and learn from them; this is how we build our wisdom.  


Let your child make use of opportunities

Being an adult or a parent, it is your responsibility to create responsibility for your children. Begin with the responsibility of their belongings. It might include keeping things back in place, keeping their living area and study area clean, managing Almira, etc. Other duties at an initial point may consist of keeping back the dishes in the sink, wiping away the scattered food, etc. These tasks appear small and easy to use, but if a person does not develop such living habits, they cause a problem with growing age.


Do not seek perfection

Even if you have to do the assigned task again because it is not done with perfection, it doesn’t count. Practice makes a man perfect; therefore, never stop children from doing everyday household tasks and other activities. This will make them physically and mentally active; at the same time, you will also get a helping hand. Do not demotivate or scold the children for not doing things in a refined manner; try to appreciate them and tell them the right way of doing it. Appreciation and admiration are essential as they work as the best motivators; everyone likes to be adored and admired.



You can reward your children for accomplishing the task with their favorite meal, or by giving them treats of chocolate or brownies, or you can simply appreciate them. Rewards act as bait but never consider giving direct appeals to the child, it is a bribe. A bribe is like any addiction, if a child gets the addiction of bribe, they will manage to seek things in return for every individual task, which is not a healthy habit and can also sow the seeds of corruption in their personality.


Strictness of Okay

It is okay to be strict at times. Being too sweet and lenient won’t work, scolding and punishments are indeed important. Many a time when circumstances are favorable but your child isn’t obeying you or performing the task one is responsible for, it is better you make them do it by force. Responsibility is not a piece of cake; one has to walk over the fire of pressure to earn the appreciation of being responsible.


Give them space

With growing, age children require their individual space in their personal life as well as social life. Being too nosy is frustrating for you and annoying for your child. Let your child gain your trust by self and if they try to cross lines, you have got the right to punish. This way you can teach the child to be independent, learn to make responsible decisions, and choose right.


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