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How To Deal With Your Teen’s Puberty Mood Swings

At the age of adolescence, when puberty hits, every individual body goes under specific changes. According to top international schools in India, These changes result in fluctuating emotions and mood swings. During this age, the children experience reproductive maturity. The changes are not just emotional, but they are physical and hormonal, which results in changed psychology. Their visuals and perspectives towards the world start to change, and they begin to ask for ultimate freedom. This is known as the most dangerous age as the child is innocent but at the same time over-joyed and excited, which is why the child gets easily convinced and attracted towards the dark side of society. Thus it is the responsibility of the elders and parents to protect the child, and for that, you need to be their good friends. The cages or the ropes of anguish do not work during this age. Instead, they make the child more rebellious. Mood swings of such an age are not that easy to handle.

Some excellent pointers that you can follow to make it happen


Do all kinds of talking

Taking helps the children share things. Listen to their stories. They want you to listen. Ask them questions about irrational changes in behavior. Never ignore any detail they try to mention because you never know what, when, and how they said it all to you. They might be suffering from sure bullies or injustice, and they need you, and they need your support. This is why you need to listen to your children’s stories and even ask them about incidents and what happened after they reach home from school, a party, tuition, playground, or even a friend’s house. Never make them feel alone, or like you are too busy to find an appropriate time for them.



Nobody wishes to share things deeply hidden or kept safe into the most profound secret corner within self to someone with whom they aren’t comfortable. So to know your children better, you must give them good vibes and cherish them with a good comforting environment so that they can share whatever they wish to. Being a parent, it is essential to keep a safe eye over your children but being too nosy can have consequences on your relationship with them. No matter what happens, never damage a healthy relation nor break the string that connects you to your children.


Always be available

This is a very tender age. The changes that happen within their body and the changes that they get to watch around makes them emotionally and mentally weak. Any kind of incident can break them off. This is the age where friendships break more often, and the young mind doesn’t know to react or deal with the same. Therefore this is the time when they need the family to look after as they cannot bear the pain all alone. There are even more kinds of bond breakage that make the children weak for a certain duration of time, and in the future, these wounds make them stronger and prepare them for the future. Be available to nurture your love and care to them, be available to hear their voices, and be there to comfort them during their tears and pain.


Be understanding and be understood

Children see a completely different world at this age. They look around a see freedom which is more like a fantasy. They compare their liberties to the others that are around. They seek freedom. They rebel, fight the blackmail, and try everything possible to get their wishes fulfilled. Therefore being an adult, you should understand their perspective and make them understand yours. If you build a good healthy, and comforting relation with the children, it will help you communicate efficiently and effectively. Being teenage children, they no more remain kids. They have developed a sensibility and other emotional senses, and you just have to turn them over toward a good direction.


Trust your children

There is a difference between trust and blind trust. You just have to trust them accordingly, so you do not lose your side of trust, but trusting them blindly will spoil them as they have grown enough to take advantage of the same. Therefore trust your child and ask them for the truth. Speaking the truth is hard, and harder is to accept a mistake. Thus whenever your child attempts the same, try to show some leniency in the punishments or forgive them. The main motive of punishing them is to make them realize what they have done, and once they get to realize and apologize, forgive them. 


Being around children, you must understand the major difference between mood swings and depression. Mood swings can be due to fluctuating hormones as of age, and mood swings can also occur as a symptom of depression. If the mood swings are more often and there occur more irrelevant and irrational changes in the behavior of the child such as being insensitive, or carefree, or off from social gatherings or other related changes, give a proper check to confirm it as depression or not. 

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