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Benefits‌ ‌of‌ ‌coding‌ ‌for‌ ‌kids‌

Coding simply means a  language by which we can communicate with the computers and the code tells the computer exactly what actions to be taken. Coding was not a very popular option earlier due to lack of awareness as people at that time only think, doctors, engineers as a successful career option and nobody even thought to become a computer programmer but things have changed gradually as the coding perception has changed completely after technological boom as people are now using technology like mobile apps, surfing web and etc in their day to day life so now they are more aware and fascinated by how this apps, game, websites actually works which makes Coding for kids is a good career option. 

The necessity of coding for kids


Today parents are aware that coding is the future of the world so they are looking forward to preparing their children to learn coding. Earlier student has no option to learn coding at an early age as it was not a part of their curriculum which makes it hard for kids to learn coding as there was no other option so Govt. was aware of the issue so they wanted to upgrade the curriculum and include subject like coding at an earlier age which will be more beneficial for students in the near future, this change in the education policy came as a game-changer as now lots of school like a boarding school in India introduced coding classes for kids so that they can learn the basic of code at a young age and develop coding skills and than later become a professional using this skills.  There is enormous benefits of coding for kids which are as follow 


  1. Coding professionals are in high demand –  We are living In a time where we are surrounded by technology and we depend heavily on technology for our smallest of work that’s why demand for coders will be very high as stats show that there is a shortage of coding professionals in the world so if a kid starts to learn coding at a small age it helps him tremendously to grow in the field of coding and develop coding skills and eventually becomes the professional Coder. The Average salary of the coder is pretty high in comparison to other professions. 
  2. Kids will understand the world better – we are surrounded by the technology but still don’t have any idea as of how the computer finds any information we search for , how we able to play games on mobile or computers , how can a YouTube knows what We like and start recommending those type of video these are the technical things that we won’t understand so if kids learn coding at a younger age they able to relate with the technology and understand how it actually works. 
  3. Coding refines problem solving skills – If a kid starts to learn coding at a young age they will be able to break down the complex problem in small parts and use logical thinking to solve them with the help of coding so a kid will carry this approach throughout his career and  become a successful coder as the experienced coder also uses this approach to break a big problem in small parts and tackle them step by step. 
  4. Coding is Enjoyable and creative  – Coding for kids may sound like serious subject but it is not it is a very fun subject as  once kids able to understand the language kids can than play with the codes and create a games , app , or even website of your choices as there is nothing more pleasing than to see your codes came to life after debugging session. Coding is just like a normal language once kids start learning they want to use it that’s why when kids learn coding they not only gain knowledge just to understand they use it to Create using that knowledge. 
  5. Coding gives student a competitive advantage when they go for Job , college admission – As kids are learning progamming skills at a very young age this makes them master in the language when they will go from school to college or job they will be ready to work professional at a small age.
  6. Kids able to learn algorithms thinking – Algorithms thinking means to define clear steps in order to solve a problem so when kids learn coding they able to solve a problem by breaking down in  small parts and solve them step by step just like algorithms. 
  7. Coding help student to think outside the box – as kids are learning a programming language which they will use it to create it helps student to be as creative as he can be to use this knowledge to develop apps , games , website or etc

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    Coding have become craze among youngsters….great info

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