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Add Coding to Your Elementary Curriculum

Add Coding to Your Elementary Curriculum

The education industry has become a little outdated as the current curriculum is not providing any real value to the students and most of the subjects which students are studying have not been updated with time and students have no choice to just study irrelevant subjects. Parents send their kids to school so that they can learn something valuable which will help them in the future but students who recently passed out of school find it hard to make a career choice as they are clueless about their future and the knowledge they have gained in schools are worthless in the real world. 

In order to solve this problem, many schools like schools in Dehradun are now starting to add coding to the elementary to the senior-level curriculum. The reason for adding coding in the elementary curriculum is to make the basics of coding clear at a young age so that they will be more comfortable when they have to study coding in-Dept and have to solve hard complex problems with a systematic approach in middle and high school.

The motive for adding coding is not simply to make every student a computer programmer but to make every student understand the computer language as we live in a world where everything is done with the help of technology so in order to use the technology to the fullest children should know the language of computer and how things work digitally in will not only help students to gain knowledge but also it will develop key skills that are required in real-world like critical thinking and problems solving skills which the old curriculum unable to provide. 

Benefits Of Adding Coding to the elementary curriculum 

  • By adding coding to the curriculum students at a young age will be able to learn and understand a subject that is valuable in the real world and they can even make a career around it.
  • There are many benefits of coding for kids it helps students develop important skills such as critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Coding can help students learn the language of computers as we are surrounded by technology so in order to interact with them deeply. If students learn coding at a young age they will grasp this technical knowledge earlier in life.
  • Coding helps kids develop structural thinking as they learn to start small following step by step process and connect the dots to make something big so by following this process the child builds structural thinking.
  • Coding can boost creativity in students as they have to develop something unique in order to do that they require out-of-the-box thinking and by that they become creative.

Tools that can enhance the coding learning experience for kids 

The only problem teacher faces at the time of teaching students something valuable is that kids tend to pay less attention in the classroom so in order to change that teachers should use various learning tools for made especially for young students to learn to code and it is super engaging which will help students learn and understand the basics of coding in a very easy manner.

Here is some tool that teachers should use in their classroom :

  • Root Coding – Root coding is a combination of programming, art, music, etc. which help kids make discoveries with the help of coding as well as creations. Rood Coding has divided the code learning experience into three levels. Level 1 uses graphical blocks to teach students logic skills of coding,  level 2 uses hybrid blocks which give kids precise control over codes whereas level 3 is more advanced as it allows users to build advanced algorithms, use complex maths, and the first-hand experience of professional coding languages. 


  • Kodable –  This is one the best apps to teach coding to young students in a fun playful manner and the best part about this tool is that it also helps teachers with materials so that they can teach coding easily to young kids. For Elementary school, they have drag and drop programming. They can create personalized characters, build levels and this tool will help children develop critical thinking.
  • Code.org – code.org is a nonprofit organization aimed to provide access to computer science in schools. Code.org will help teachers with a set of courses so that teachers can teach kids in a better way. This tool is super engaging for students as it helps students to create their own game, apps or even computer drawings and free resources makes kids bound to get hooked on learning to code.


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