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  • Post published:Sep 23, 2021
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Key Factor Responsible For Poor Women Literacy Rate In India?

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Although literacy levels in India are improving, still there are millions of girls who are deprived of getting an education. Millions of girls in the country fall under the category of illiterates. Poor level of literacy has a huge negative impact on women’s lives, her families as well as in the economic development of a country. Apart from this, it also a negative impact on a girl’s health.
There are lots of factors which are responsible for the poor female literate rate in India:

1. Occupation of the girl child in domestic duties
2. Low enrollment of girls in schools in India
3. High dropout rate and Low retention rate
4. The Gender-based inequality.  Still, most lots of female girls are killed when they are born
5. Social discrimination: Girls are always socially and economically discriminated

We know that India is a male-dominated society and people think that educating girls is of no use because they are going to get married when they reach the age of marriage. Therefore,  they keep their daughters away from getting an education. However, there are several benefits of educating the girl child. For example  -educating a girl child decrease maternal deaths increase infant survival rates, improve their financial condition, make them more self-reliant, aid in developing the economic condition of the country and many more other benefits. Apart from this, educated women understand the importance of sending their kids to boarding school plus provide better nutrition to the family.

The Indian government is taking many steps to improve the condition of girls education in the country. They are coming up with lots of attractive and beneficial livelihood programs for them to help know the value of education and become independent. Additionally, the government is planning and implementing good strategies to Boost awareness among people, particularly in rural areas. This is the reason that now more and more parents sending their girl kids to school even sending them to best boarding schools in Dehradun India as well.

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