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How Girls Residential School In Dehradun Helps In Increasing Women Literacy?

Education In Dehradun City

The Dehradun city is the hub of school education in India, students from all over the country and even outside India take admission in the schools of Dehradun. The schools here follow English or Hindi as the primary medium of instruction. 

Both private and government organisations run schools in the city. The Uttarakhand board runs the government schools, and the state government gives the syllabus.

Here are some of the affiliation boards which the schools in Dehradun follow

  • Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)
  • Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE)
  • State Board, i.e. Uttarakhand Board of Secondary Education
  • International Boards like International Baccalaureate


Some of the notable private schools in Dehradun are

  • Ann Mary School
  • Brightlands School
  • The Asian School
  • Cambrian Hall
  • Colonel Brown Cambridge School
  • The Doon School
  • Ecole Globale International Girls School


Girls Residential Schools In Dehradun

Girls Residential Schools are those which give admission to only girl students and provide all the boarding facilities to the students. The residential schools in Dehradun provide all the facilities required by the students, hostel facilities, mess facilities etc. 

The schools here also give importance to infrastructure and have their schools spread on 

Focus is also given to the sports and extracurricular activities, the schools here provide all the sports equipment, sports court and sports mentor for each sport.

The Dehradun city is the hub of education, and it has some of the best residential schools in town. 

Here are some of the top girl’s residential schools in Dehradun

  • Ecole Globale International Girls School, Dehradun
  • Convent Of Jesus And Mary Waverley, Mussoorie
  • Gyananda School, Dehradun
  • Him Jyoti School, Dehradun
  • Hopetown Girls School Dehradun
  • Shigally Hills International Academy, Dehradun
  • The Doon Girls School, Dehradun
  • Unison World School Dehradun
  • Vantage Hall Girls Residential School, Dehradun
  • Welham Girls School, Dehradun


Girls Residential School Help In Women Literacy

In today’s era, it is very vital to educating every child, be it a girl child or a boy child. And when we talk about women education, it is of utmost importance because it is very rightly said that an educated woman educates the whole family. 

An all-girls residential school provides quality training focusing on the girl child; they make them more confident and develop several qualities in them.

Dehradun has some of the top girls boarding schools in India. The schools here provide all the amenities for girl students. Here are some of the critical points about girls residential schools in Dehradun

  • Safety

The primary feature of girls boarding schools in Dehradun is Safety, the main question for a parent while sending their kids to a boarding school is safe, and this is taken care of by the schools here.

  • Learning

The residential schools offer diverse learning which a day school cannot, they create an environment which encourages students to learn and grow more. 

  • Healthy Mind and Body

The environment provided by the boarding school in Dehradun promotes healthy learning in students. A healthy mind and body help students to focus more on their study, to live a less stressful life and concentrate more.

  • Physical Training

The extracurricular activities and sports inculcated by the school authorities in the curriculum of school develop unique qualities in them like teamwork, confidence etc. Getting involved in physical activities make them fit from mind and body.

  • Self-Reliance

A child living at home becomes more reliant on their parents for every day to day task, but the kids living in a boarding school learn to manage things on his own. He becomes more self-reliant, and this quality helps him in life.

  • Broader Horizons

The notion of sending girls to school and build and create a life and career of her own is supported a lot in the girl’s residential school. The school encourages them to focus on her career and also has tie-ups with many prestigious foreign and national colleges and universities where the student can enrol for graduation degree after completing her school education.

We have come a long way in changing the mindset of people regarding girl education, but still, there is a part of our society which does not give importance to a girls career or her education, and we need to develop this mindset in the people as well as the girls so that they can take a stand for themselves.

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