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Boarding Schools In Dehradun Making Their Mark In World

Many popular Girls boarding schools of Dehradun, India are renowned for their luxuriant green university grounds which are bordered by valleys and mountains. In addition to the principles and discipline that are instilled in students that pass-through their schools. If you looking for good Residential schools in Dehradun, then all you need to do is search on the Internet and you will have all the information accessible.

Top 3 Residential Schools In IndiaAll best residential schools in Dehradun have their individual websites and you can get complete information about all the amenities and facilities that are provided along with a detailed fee configuration. You can approach the school and request them to provide further information if you are pleased with the amenities, facilities and the fees. You can also make a request to visit it, to ensure that the images offered on the website are real.


As the good girl’s schools in the country are situated away from the cities, generally in hill stations like Dehradun, Nainital, Shimla, Manali, etc; as a result, they have loads of space available at their disposal. This is the reason that they provide lots of outdoor games facilities, green tennis courts, comprising swimming, horse riding rock climbing and many other activities.

Schools in india
Schools in india


The admission fees of the top boarding girl’s schools can be pretty high. The fees consist of education, accommodation, boarding, library, laundry, uniform, entertainment, maintenance, stationery fees, etc. With all the progress in Indian society, residential schools used to be a dicey issue in the county. Not all parents were in support of it, the mother used to quit her job to raise the child and support the family in all possible way. However, over a period of time, the residential schools have matched everything they guarantee and this doctrine has been smashed and parents are more convinced in sending their child’s to the boarding school.

Ecole Globale is the perfect center for learning and is blessed with a moderate climate throughout the year. Dehradun has always been home to a  cosmopolitan society and has always been a prime center for education, recently stepping into international environs as well. The school offers safety, health and overall quality education of the child. They provide the best of everything with no compromise on anything.

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