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  • Post published:Sep 24, 2021
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Reasons On Why Boarding Schools Are Trending These Days

The concept of residential or boarding schools in India has undergone a big change, with respect to various elements relating to the quality of education, teaching methodology, student-teacher relationship, discipline, security and so on.


Safety is the first concern for parents in India, particularly if you are considering of sending your little doll to a top boarding school in Dehradun. All reputed schools make sure the utmost safety for your child by strict guidelines for moving in and out of the hostel, keeping a 24 hours vigil on them, random checks to make sure that no girl is involved in an offending activity that can malign the image of the boarding school.

It is extremely vital that parents understand the culture of the school first, and then take opinion from the ex-students and their parents about their experience of studying in that particular school, about teachers and teaching methods and where are they are working and placed right now.

Furthermore, looking at the demographics of the number of working couples in Tier II towns and metros, there has been a huge thrust in the demand for quality education for kids across gender and age groups. This trend has come into notice because of plenty of reasons, and we have mentioned a few but major once just below so take a look at them.

1. Independent
It definitely makes a student more independent and free-spirited when it comes to thinking. The student develops a broader outlook in comparison to his or her peers.

2. Lack Of Quality Time
Parents can’t enjoy with their kid because of highly demanding jobs.

3. Demand Based Attention
Parents who are working can give no or very little attention to their kids and so they would like to make sure that their children are in a safe atmosphere where they get attention when needed.

4. Learning Environment
In every boarding school in Dehradun, Environment is well ahead of time as well as continually innovate ad per the skills set of the students.

5. No Gender Bias
Girls are equally treated in a residential school, there is no level of biasness for them.

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