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You are currently viewing 229 hostel students of a public school in Maharashtra test covid positive
229 hostel students of a public school in Maharashtra test coronavirus positive
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229 hostel students of a public school in Maharashtra test covid positive

Maharashtra’s 229 students tested positive for coronavirus in a Public school in Washim district. The government has shut down schools and declared the area a containment zone. 

When experts said back in August 2020 there will be a second wave of Coronavirus,  most people and also the Government took it lightly and continued to start opening public places, business, and organising public events and they became so assured by looking at the decreasing rate of new Covid cases that they started opening schools from 14 Feb 2021, However one thing we learn about coronavirus is that its unpredictability and just when people got careless with safety after the development of vaccine this result in the second wave of Coronavirus which is spreading like a wildfire. 

When the Government gave educational institutions the green signal to start resuming offline classes, all states start preparing to open schools by February 2021  and just like other states . Various schools like schools in Dehradun, Schools in Pune, Schools in Kerala, schools in Himachal also planned to commence regular classes. Government Maharashtra also planned to commence offline classes from 14 February 2021 but just after a few weeks, an official reported on Thursday that in  Maharashtra’s Washim district 229  students of a public school hostel have tested positive for coronavirus. 

The school has more than 300 students from the Vidarbha area, generally, from Amravati and Yavatmal,  these two areas have become hotspots for coronavirus which have added to a spike in Covid cases lately. On 14th Feb 2021  Students have joined the hostel of Washim and within the first few days, a total of 21 students tested positive for coronavirus which forced school authorities to take an RT-PCR test for all 327 students out of which 229 students have been tested positive for the virus and the rest of students who were found negative in the test have been kept in quarantine. 

The government has added Washim district to the list of containment as the 4 hostel staff also found coronavirus positive. Whereas earlier this week in the hostel of Marathwada’s Latur district 5 employees and 39 students tested positive for Covid-19 

Maharashtra has now become a hotspot for coronavirus virus as after a four-month gap there are almost 8000 daily cases being reported now for coronavirus. The total number of cases has gone up to 21,21,119  and the fatality count has gone up to 51,937 due to this Government has come in action and have started to focus on controlling the virus and stop it from spreading for this they have created containment zone for the hotspot areas, night curfew has been implemented, schools or other educational institutions have been shut down, the strict measure is being taken in order to break the chain and after all these cases kept on rising government can also implement state lockdown as the Chief Minister of Maharashtra Uddhav Thackeray sad they will review the public’s behaviour for few more days and based on that they will make statements for another lockdown. 

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