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  • Post published:Feb 22, 2021
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AICTE PG Scholarship Registrations Open, Apply By February 28

AICTE scholarships for qualified GATE / GPAT students have been extended till 28 February 2021 and the eligible students will receive 12,400 per month till the duration of the course.

All India Council for Technical Education ( AICTE ) provides  PG scholarships to only GATE / GPAT qualified students who are admitted for post-graduation in AICTE approved Institutions. PG scholarship is given to the students with the aim to provide financial help to students in order to ensure the development of technical education in India. Under this scholarship scheme, each student gets an amount of Rs 12,400 /- per month and the students will receive the given amount on a monthly basis till 24 months or the duration of their course or whichever is lower. 

Earlier is was announced that the last date for applying for PG  scholarships will be 15 January 2021 and the verification of the application will be completed by 31 Jan 2021 but now

All India Council for Technical Education has extended the registration date and the last date for generation of students ID under the PG scholarship scheme will be 28 February 2021 and the last date for the verification of application by the institution will be 15 March 2021.  AICTE has advised students who are eligible to admit to an AICTE approved Institution and its courses under the Scholarship scheme will have to apply online well in advance so that institutions get time to verify the application as the application received after the last date will not be taken into consideration. There are some teachers of the boarding schools in India that are highly qualified and some of them were received PG scholarship under the AICTE.

Students who are eligible for AICTE PG Scholarship Scheme 

  • At the time of admission, Students who will have the Valid GATE / GPAT will get the opportunity to apply for the AICTE PG scholarship scheme. 
  • Only the full-Time Students will be eligible for the scholarship and part-time students will not be considered for the AICTE PG Scholarship.
  • Only the students who will be admitted to AICTE approved Institutions/ Universities will be eligible to apply for scholarships under AICTE PG Scholarships Scheme.
  •  Only those students are eligible for the AICTE PG Scholarship scheme,  who are admitted in AICTE approved Postgraduate programs like Master of Engineering, Master of Technology, Master of Architecture, and Master of Pharmacy programs. 
  • Students who are eligible for the scholarship scheme must have general savings account in the bank, and the name mentioned in the bank account and application should be matched.
  • Students who are going to be selected for the scholarship would then be required to give any assurance that they will complete the full course and would not leave the course midway failing which they are needed to refund the absolute PG Scholarship drawn at the time of leaving the course.
  • The students who are not eligible for the AICTE PG Scholarships scheme are Foreign students, sponsored candidates and candidates admitted in Postgraduates programs through management quotas. 
  • For any updates or more information visit the official website of AICTE.


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