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    Mental health issues are quite pervasive among the students in the contemporary age. Changes in the education system and the advancement of educational practices have increased the competition level. Students find it challenging to keep up with the frequently changing practices and can succumb to the peer pressure caused by them. This peer pressure can also cause several negative impacts on the mental health of the students. They feel anxiety-ridden, stressed, and in severe cases, depressed.

    Often, the teachers and parents are incapable of recognizing the mental health problems in their children. These issues are not even acknowledged as severe problems. Lack of support and guidance from the parents and teachers can make the situation worse for many students, and they feel stressed and anxious.

    These mental health issues are not limited to the study burden. Several other factors can disrupt the psychological well-being of a student. Bullying, societal influence, relationship with classmates, or other personal concerns related to growth, looks, etc. can also affect the mental health of the students. A large number of students go through an inferiority complex, which can affect their performance and conduct. So how can schools help the students to stay mentally and spiritually fit? How can the psychological development of the students be aided?

    Today, school psychologists have become a crucial part of the education system. They are not only capable of helping the students in their learning abilities but can also help the teachers to improve their teaching methodologies. School psychologists are considered to be an expert in the following sectors:-

    1. Learning
    2. Behavior Assessments
    3. Mental Health
    4. School systems.


    Psychologists are gradually becoming an indispensable part of the educational institutions and even other industries or organizations. They serve in schools and the clinical departments to the students and teachers to cope up with their busy schedules and workload. They are also involved in the research purposes and can help in enhancing the school curriculum by suggesting some vital changes. Here are a few services that a school psychologist can provide to the members:-

    1. They can help in assessing the academic performance, mental health, and behavior of the students as well as teachers and provide them support and guidance for the same.
    2. They also provide their inputs for evaluation, assessments, and data analysis.
    3. They consult with the teachers, parents, and peers of the student to analyze their potential and mental state.
    4. Their services are culturally responsive, and they help in maintaining a harmonious environment in the schools.
    5. They also help to charter out a plan for crisis prevention and response.


    The purpose of hiring a school psychologist has been established and clarified, but what are the actual benefits connected to this? Psychologists in the schools can act as a great support system for the students and teachers. Here are a few advantages that school psychologists can offer to the schools:-

    1. They can help struggling and diverse learners to cope up with stressful situations.
    2. They can also help in the process of student achievement and ensure their well-being in the shooling environment.
    3. Psychologists can also ensure a supportive and safe learning atmosphere for the kids where a good rapport is established between the students and their teachers.
    4. Psychologists help in maintaining school-community-family partnerships. They analyze a student’s relationship with all the people present in their lives.
    5. They can also influence the decision-making processes of the schools and enhance the policymaking making procedure by giving the right inputs.

    It is recommended that in a day or boarding school where a large number of students and staff are present, one psychologist should be present for every 500-700 students. Psychologists can help in breaking and overcoming the mental health barriers prevalent in the schools. Reducing these barriers is very important for ensuring the success of the students in the schools. The continuously changing environment and educational practices can be very stressful for young minds. The present situation demands a lot from the students, and in a hoard to keep up with the pace of the world, a student face many problems and strain.

    Schools should invest in employing a school psychologist who can look after the students and stabilize the situation. Students should also be in frequent contact with their school psychologists and take their advice and guidance.

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