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5 Ways In Which Girls Boarding Schools In India Promotes Gender Equality

Women empowerment has become a significant issue in the present times. On the march towards equality on all platforms, women can now be seen breaking stereotypes and participating in all the major platforms. The social, economic, political and cultural field has experienced a growth in women representation over the course of the last few decades. Girls boarding schools in Dehradun play an important role in empowering girls. All these changes have resulted due to the constant efforts of the leaders and personalities who have continually raised their voices and fought for gender equality. Still, there is a long way to go. 


Gender equality And Gender- Bias

Gender-bias is prevalent in society even today. There was once a time when a women’s soul purpose was considered to be a homemaker and looking after the children at home. They were not required or even expected to earn money or work in any organization. Even the right to vote, which is considered to be the most fundamental aspect of freedom, was not given to women at one point in the past. 

All these issues led to a massive revolution, where many leaders and influential women personalities demanded gender-equality. This is also famous as the feminist movement, which ultimately resulted in various positive outcomes for the women in the society. They got more freedom and were allowed to work. The movement is still prevalent as the issues have not been wholly resolved till date. 


Status Of Women In India

India has progressed tremendously over the years. Even the position of the women has improved, and now there is more women-representation across various platforms. But there still exist stereotypes in some backward and remote societies of India. It is a developing country, and the places which are developed has an overall better community. The rural and culturally backward areas are still stereotypical regarding the position and role of women in India. There are still many steps to be taken, and many changes to be introduced.

The status of urban women in India is significantly better. A major portion form working-class women who are designated in big profiles and are leading in several sectors. This can be attributed to a better learning and educational culture prevalent in the urban and metro cities. Women are allowed to work, and in several instances, they are leading an independent and fulfilling life. The assumption of women being homemakers who look after their families is no longer considered mandatory.

So how and why this change happened? What was the main reason behind this shift of ideologies? 

The simple answer is education. Let us discuss this aspect in detail.


Role Of Education In Women Empowerment

Education has improved the overall picture of society. It has led to the change in ideologies, established equality and has set many logic-based beliefs in the system. An educated individual is broad-minded and respects the differences existing in the society. He recognizes the disparities in culture, gender, race, languages, etc. and respects them all regardless of any assumptions.

Women empowerment has been achieved due to education. As more and more people are getting educated, they are becoming more aware. This has led to many positive changes in the world, gender- quality being one of them.


How Gender- Equality Can Be Achieved Through Girls Boarding Schools In India?

Girls boarding schools are created with the sole purpose of educating girls and looking after their requirements. In an environment solely created for the girls, they thrive and learn better and are ultimately able to explore more opportunities without facing gender discrimination.

In India, girls boarding schools have significantly contributed to the upliftment of the status of women. Here are some ways in which girls boarding schools in India promotes gender equality:-

  • Breaking Stereotypes

In a girls boarding school, girls get opportunities in all the sectors. They are not bounded by the stereotypes that would stop them from participating in various activities.

  • No Gender-Bias

In girls boarding school, the girls are not subjected to any gender-bias. Since boys are not present in schools, girls are required to complete all the tasks. This helps them to explore all the fields and paves the way towards varies career prospects as well. The domains that are considered to be male-dominant have experienced increased women representation. Most of these ladies have gained their education in revered girls boarding schools. 

  • Independence

Girls are much more independent in a girls boarding school. In a safe environment, they feel secure and liberated. This improves their confidence level, and they thrive well in academics, co-curricular and various other fields.

  • Better Overall Personality Development

When girls get all the provisions as per their convenience, they experience better growth. Their personalities enhance, and they become well-functioning and intellectual members of society.

Many might argue that single-ed boarding schools may create a communication gap with the opposite gender. But these beliefs have little credibility to them. It is not like that student is completely cut-off from the opposite gender. Only the facilities and provisions are mandated in such a way that they suit the requirements of the particular gender. 

Hence, if we look into a broader perspective, education and girls boarding schools in India has immensely improvised the status of women and established gender equality. To ensure a better future for your girl, a girls boarding school is definitely the best bet.

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