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  • Post published:Mar 4, 2020
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How To Score Good Marks In Exams

Every student wants to score good marks in exams. Many students studied more at the time of exams, but even after a lot of studies they are not scoring good marks, at that point, students think that how to score good marks in exams and what the strategies are. The most common strategies of scoring good marks are organizing, planning, hard, work, and effective learning. Except for these things students also have to follow some tips and tricks for scoring good marks in marks, by following these tips and tricks, students will definitely score good marks.

1. Set Your Time Table

Before the study looks at your date sheet and sets a proper time table because time is very precious each and every minute is important to you. So you should take care of your time instead of wasting it. Give maximum time for your studies because you have to cover a lot of syllabus in few days. Being a good student, wake up early in the morning, go for a morning walk, then have your breakfast and after all these things, take your notes and start your study. Don’t waste your time exams because this will definitely help you to score good marks.

2) Organize Your Study Space

study space

For scoring good marks, make sure that your study space is organized and well maintained. This is one of the significant points because if your study space is not organized, then you will not be able to study properly for your exams. If your study space is messy, then it will distract your mind and will not able to concentrate on your studies.

3) Do Meditation

If you feel stress and anxiety at the before exams, then you should have to do mediation sometimes. Meditation will help you to calm your mind and increase your memory power. After mediation, students become able to focus on their studies. Many times stress is good for exams, but sometimes it becomes dangerous for students. Whenever they try to focus on their studies, they get disturbed because of stress and anxiety, so for this, they have to do mediation.

4) Take Breaks

little breaks during the study

Taking breaks is one of the important steps for scoring good marks. Take little breaks (at least for 15 to 20 min) during the studies because this will help you to refresh your mind and you become able to remember everything that you have studied for your exams. Continuously study for 12 to 13 hours is not good because it can pressurize your brain and forget everything that you have studied for your exams.

5) Take Help From Your Teacher

If you are not able to solve and to understand any question and want to clear your doubts, then ask your teacher for help. Every student must have to ask their teacher for any kind of difficulty. If you don’t ask a question, then you will not be able to score good marks in your exams. Many students feel shy in front of the teacher, so instead of asking in front of the class can ask after the class is over. Your teacher will definitely help you to solve your question and clear your doubts.

6) Eat Healthy Food

Healthy Food

Have healthy food that is high of protein and energy before your exams. Healthy food will help your brain to work more effectively and fast and also help you to memorize the things that you have studied for your exams. Healthy food will help you to make mentally and physically strong, and you become able to concentrate on your studies. If you eat junk food on exams times, you feel sleepy and not able to focus on your studies. So make sure that you eat only healthy food.

7) Stay Away From Phones

If you want to score good marks in exams, then stay away from your mobile phones and social media. The mobile phone is considered as one of the disturbing element at the time of exams. If you studied and keep your mobile phone in front of you, then you will never focus on your studies. It is also useful in some ways like you can share notes with your friends and also take some important notes from them.

8) Sleep Well Before Exams

Students have to sleep well before exams because it is the most pleasant thing while you are tired. Many students worry about their exams and not sleep properly. If you are not taking well sleep before exams, then you feel sleepy at the harmful exam time. So make sure that after studying hard, take a pleasant nap. If you are not taking well sleep, then this will also affect your health. So take a minimum of 6 hours of sleep before exams.

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