disruptive students

Reasons for not giving up on disruptive students

Teaching is one of the toughest professions ever. At each stage, they face many challenges as not every student has the same mindset. Students differ from disciplined ones to mischievous ones. Sometimes it is a tough job to handle miss behaving students.

Why students misbehave?

Teachers daily have to go through various tantrums of students. Reasons behind the student’s misbehavior are as follows:

  • As not all students have the same mindset and due to that, some lack personal skill development. They lack skills of discipline and behavior to follow the instructions of their teachers.
  • Some have the rush to be always first in questioning. That student spends less time in thinking of what to ask and what not to ask. These create confusion for teachers due to misunderstanding.
  • Some students like to seek the attention of teachers in class. If the teacher gives attention to other students instead of them, they feel discouraged. They start misbehaving by talking during lectures to gain the attention of the teacher in the wrong way.
  • There are various competitions among the rankers in each class. Each ranker competes with others to take revenge. This misbehavior can sometimes also be physical. Thus, teachers need to create equality among all the students.
  • Students always have a will to be a monitor of class and not all the students can be a monitor at a time. Thus, who does not get chosen as the monitor feels biased and that student misbehaves during class.

How do disruptive students disturb the class environment?

Everyone in teenage would love to misbehave with teachers, but it’s not right. They think misbehaving with a teacher is the best way to gain attention and look cool. Sometimes, this behavior becomes infectious and influences other students, and they too start misbehaving in the classroom. Due to them, the teacher’s authority and time get compromised. Students who have set their high goals of the studying also gets affected due to their misbehaving.

There’re various types of disruptive students found in a class such as:

  • Passing on notes and continuous talking with their friends during the lecture. This disturbs the whole class and creates a negative environment in class.
  • Not giving the proper answer to an asked question by the teacher and making fun of that is one of the most irritating and awful behavior ever.
  • Some students use cell phones during class. Then they disturb the class by sending messages and making calls. 
  • The teacher needs attention so that students can gain knowledge of what they are teaching. While some students sleep during class, it makes the teacher feel discouraged.  

Due to these misbehaving students, teaching gets disturbed. Teachers just have a limited time to take up a session then such misbehaving elements consume their time and efforts. Teachers often ignore this student during classes so that other students don’t get affected and can get proper knowledge.  

However, studious ones always get affected by the misbehaving ones. Some misbehaving students interrupt them by throwing paper balls. Sometimes it also happens that mischief of students gain the attention of other students and gets disturbed during lectures. This results in low grade and behavior issues. Sometimes they also get influenced by disruptive students.

Moreover, it also gives a negative impact on school reputation as studious ones and teaching gets affected. Finding ways for handling disruptive students may gain the time of lectures and indirectly knowledge.

Ways to handle disruptive students

Teachers are also human they also get angry when their efforts are not valued by students. Abstaining getting discourages the teachers due to their behavior and don’t give up on them. Following are some points to handle them:

  • Talk with them after the lecture gets over. Ask them nicely about the problem they have and to discuss them rather than getting angry.
  • Give more attention to them during lectures.
  • Show your concern about their future.
  • There should be an understanding between you and your students.
  • Build up a positive environment in the classroom.
  • Don’t just go-on with teaching as many students find it boring and result in misbehaving.
  • Teach subjects, along with fun activities.
  • Be friendly with them so that they can ask you questions without any hesitation.
  • Build-up their interest in your teachings while the session is on.
  • Never insult the students. Encourage them in positive ways such as by giving leadership roles in class.

Implementing these above points will show positive efforts to disruptive students. 

In a nutshell

Teachers do not always get good and disciplined students. Sometimes, they have to accept a challenge to tackle various tantrums of students. They should find the reason behind their misbehavior instead of giving upon them. Teacher’s get angry in order to shape the student’s future in the right direction, so don’t take their anger in the wrong way.