students responsibility towards society

Students opinions and the extent their responsibility towards the society

One of the prominent fundamental right, present in every successful democratic constitution of the world, is the right to free speech and opinion. Every citizen of society has a degree of intellect and understanding of certain things. They have a right to form an opinion based on their observations and analytics. This is a necessity that helps in dictating the proper functioning of a society. A community where the people ask questions and also indulge in criticism based on their opinions of several things is perceived to show better developmental ethics.

So why should a student be deprived of such a necessity? How can we not consider the opinions of the students? Having an idea is not just a fundamental right; it is connected to the psychological and spiritual well-being of a person. A person who is not allowed to form opinions experiences several mental health issues. Our mind is considered to be the fastest running object of the world and restricting a mind or contemplating it to suit the societal expectations, can never yield good results.

Effects of restricting the student’s thinking capabilities

A student is in the learstudents ning phase of his/ her life. At this particular time of metamorphosis, a student generates curiosity and also explore their interests and inclinations. This is achieved by developing an opinion on certain things through experiences that a student is subjected to. Therefore, this forms a significant part of the growing process.

Now, if we start to ignore the interests or opinions of these learning scholars, they will tend to develop a repulsive personality. When we contain the thinking liberation of an individual, they become inefficient towards many things. They form a very dull character, incapable of making decisions, asking questions and ultimately incapable of differentiating between various elements. This hugely affects the quality of one’s life as they end up being gullible and non-productive.

Hence, enforcing your personal opinions on the kids, discouraging them from exploring or analyzing certain situations hampers their creative, logical and reasoning capabilities. The knowledge limited to textbooks alone, cannot determine the success of an individual. Various experiences in life are necessary for the personality formation of an individual. Parents and schools are required to encourage the children to form and have opinions. If they are wrong, they can be corrected but completely detaining them from their thinking capabilities is not the right decision in the long run.

Societal and peer pressure

The expectations of society and peers are more prevalent among students. They are expected to act a certain way, as per the standards of the community. In schools, if a student is unable to perform well in certain subjects preferred by society, they are labeled as a failure. This constant pressure build-up forces a student to give up on their interest or opinions and hence the mental health of the student gets significantly affected.

Everybody has their talents and interests, and nobody is perfect in every sphere of life. Not able to perform well in a specific aspect which the community deems to be better, does not prove a student’s inefficiency. A more open-minded environment needs to be developed, and the students need to be made free from the various societal obligations.

Maintaining an overall positive influence

When a student is allowed to work as per his/her capabilities, he experiences a greater satisfaction in life. They are also able to perform better in schools, classroom activities, academics, and sports. Their performance and result will genuinely get enhanced if they are encouraged to have their opinion free from social influences and pressure.

Every human being on earth desires a more satisfying life. Happiness is the most crucial aspect of any person’s life. The joy of the child is interconnected to the satisfaction of the parents. If the child is happy, the parents are automatically more thrilled, and if the child can perform better, the parents feel the utmost satisfaction retaliating the feeling to their children.


No one is responsible for anybody else’s happiness. Also, no one is entitled to satisfy the needs of society by ignoring oneself. A community that hampers a person’s thought process is toxic in the long run. An individual who functions as per the rules of society can never feel happiness or liberty that is needed by every human.

For the students, this aspect holds a more significant meaning. At a very influential age, the students need to be nurtured in the best possible atmosphere. Even in the boarding school for girls, where the societal impact is low, other factors might worry the students. Still, a residential school environment is far better when it comes to free thinking. Students are encouraged to develop thinking capabilities. Other regular also need to realize the importance of personal perception and ensure that the children do not fall under the influence of negative societal impacts.

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