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  • Post published:Feb 18, 2020
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Teaching our students the conservation of natural resources

Nature is the foundation of life on earth. Without sustenance of Mother Nature, no life form or its presence would have been conceivable or survive for a long time. It has enriched us with an abundance of natural resources that assume a basic job in deciding the general life and its fate on earth. The world goes round on the guidelines of concurrence, and these natural resources are intended for everybody- human or not. With progress in human developments, mankind fired spending the greater part of the natural resources, and the exhaustion has not almost past renewal. Therefore, the changeless loss of natural resources has gotten one of the significant worries for the earth today.

At Ecole Globale International School for Girls, Dehradun- The Best boarding school in India, we think making the students mindful of the dependable use of natural resources is likewise one of the prime features for our instructional program. Students must comprehend the significance of keeping up the harmony among the use and conservation of the regular natural resources as they are the foundation of our lives. That is the reason we at Ecole Globale International School present a variety of projects related to learning techniques to keep the youthful personalities in amicability with the knowledge of ecological protection. Through the striking outlines and workshops, students of Ecole Globale get the important information on how and for what reason they should conserve the regular natural resources that we are enriched with. If our children don’t figure out how to deal with the natural resources cautiously, the future will be in danger.

At Ecole Globale, we don’t simply pass on the thought through different projects and exercises that are composed all year at the school; however, we likewise mirror the equivalent through our own methodologies and framework. We have green grounds at Ecole Globale which brags the fundaments of nature. The development of the school building has been done in such a way that it could ideally utilize normal, natural resources. This assists with guaranteeing that the structure and the encompassing zone stay splendid.

Here are some of the particular highlights that have added to make the grounds of Ecole Globale a domain amicable one-

1.Roof Height

It is a notable wonder that hot and light air consistently moves to the upper atmosphere of the environment, while the cold and substantial air settles at the base near the outside of the earth. Following the fundamental rule, Ecole Globale has kept the roofs sufficiently high to guarantee an agreeable atmosphere in the classes.


The whole premises have satisfactory plans of lighting to keep the length and expansiveness of the room lit up. All the lights utilized in the ECOLE GLOBALE grounds are CFL type which is exceptionally vitality proficient. To guarantee that no light gets squandered, we have utilized lightings made with reflecting optics and sharp core interest.

3.Water Harvesting

The structure of ECOLE GLOBALE is a gigantic one. It accompanies an immense porch. ECOLE GLOBALE utilizes this gigantic territory for putting away the water for later. Water is one of the most valuable natural resources on which the whole presence depends. Along these lines, sparing each drop of water is significant. Thus, ECOLE GLOBALE practices water collecting to ensure that each drop of water finds a gainful usage later. The water collecting pits have been deliberately put close to the drag wells to utilize the water ideally.

4.Waste Segregation

ECOLE GLOBALE has an isolated plan for waste removal. The different receptacles for biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste ensure that no plastic waste goes into nature as contamination. Likewise, the bio-degradable wastes are later utilized as compost or manures for cultivating and other planting related works.

5.Waste Water Recycling

The school has courses of action accomplished for successful wastewater reusing which guarantees the extreme reservation of water.

6.By the Books Reuse

Each bit of paper gets created at the expense of a tree, and course books expend many papers without a doubt. In this way, we, at ECOLE GLOBALE, support the utilization of old course books to limit the number of trees cut for this reason.

Each exertion, little or large, has an effect and helps the earth to sustain the essential natural resources. We, at Ecole Globale International School for Girls, perceived as the Best CBSE School in Dehradun, are adding to this incredible reason inside and out. We are sure that with our steady endeavors, our students would become familiar with their obligation towards nature and put forth a valiant effort to save the Mother Earth. All things considered, it is these children who are the future and the fate of the planet and its health.

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