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Top 2 Residential Schools In India

Top 2 Residential Schools In India

The top boarding schools of India identified on the grounds of Education, Excellence and Performance. The evaluation has been done on the basis of teacher welfare and development, competence of faculty, sports education, special needs education, co-curricular education, value for money, infrastructure provision, academic reputation, individual attention to students, leadership/management quality, parental involvement, internationalism, community service, life skills education and conflict management.

The Next time you want to send your child to most sophisticated school, check the rankings below.

Here is a look at how Boarding Schools have performed, as a guide for parents and school authorities on the basis of school performances.

  1. Ecole Globale International Girls School –Ecole Globale International Girls School is an exclusive girls’ best boarding schools in India, situated in the beautiful north Indian state of Uttarakhand Dehradun, India. Spread over a sprawling 40-acre campus, the school is nestled between a densely wooded patch on one side and Rolling Meadows on the other; against the stunning backdrop of snow clad mountains.The classroom teaching is supported with state-of-the-art technology and well-trained faculty. Alongside the day-to-day activities we also offers opportunities for its students to hone their inherent leadership qualities, communication skills and personality development. The school lays special emphasis on training in Life Skills & Social Skills, First Aid, Public Speaking, Culinary Skills& Home Management and Etiquette. For our students who all not day scholar we are providing them best boarding schools in IndiaThe school is an active member of international organizations like the International Award for Young People, and The Global Education & Leadership Foundation, with the goal to encourage valuable interactions with international students and faculty from various countries through exchanges. Though our perspective of education is global, we are deeply rooted in the Indian ethos…Contact here for more details
  2. The Aryan School- The Aryan School is among the top boarding schools in India, ideal for both Indian and international students and provide a valuable platform for students to achieve their potential academically along with providing support and guidance with their psychological, social, emotional and spiritual development.We see the artist, the tutor, the techie, and the scientist, the dancer, the writer, the swimmer, and the diplomat. For every boarder on campus, there’s a singular story of accomplishment. For most, that story starts at The Aryan School, one of the

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