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Last year a startup named ‘Wakefit’ started an internship which was called ‘Sleep Internship’, and they paid 1 lakh to the selected interns for 9 hours of sleep for 100 days. Well, the WakeFit Sleep Internship is back in town with a bang.

WakeFit is a Bangalore based mattress company that was founded back in March 2016 by Ankit Garg and Chaitanya Ramalingegowda. They came with an intriguing idea of internship where a person has to sleep at a long stretch for a stipulated number of days, and they would get paid for the same. The amount which they decided to give the interns was 1 lakh rupees after properly completing the 100 days of Sleep Internship.

This Sleep Internship may sound as the most desirable internship for most of the people, and you may think that it would be effortless to get through the selection process and become a sleep intern but cracking the selection process is not as easy as it seems. You need to prove to the hiring people that you love sleeping and can sleep at length. They need a candidate for whom sleeping is the topmost priority.

Back in 2019, when WakeFit came with the internship for the first time, they got a tremendous response from many locations. It became a very successful project where 1.7 lakh people participated in the programme and applied for the internship, but only 23 participants were able to get through the selection process and became ‘Sleep Interns’ for the WakeFit Sleep Internship programme.

This year again, the company has started the Sleep Internship Program and asked applicants to fill the application form for WakeFit sleep internship. The application process is explained in detail on their website, and you can also fill the application from the company’s website itself.

The one of a kind internship also has a face reading round which would be done by famous matchmaking face reader, Pandit Janardhan Dhruve. With just a look at people’s picture, he was able to tell that he or she can sleep at length or not. The proper job description and their expectations from the interns are mentioned on the company’s website.

The main motive of the internship is to change the mentality of people towards a night of healthy sleep. Most of the people do not pay enough attention to their sleep patterns and thus feel lethargic all day long. This is a way to show people how sleep can be healthy and productive.

The selected interns would be able to work from anywhere at the comfort of their home. The Sleep interns would be provided with various equipment that would help the internship to have a sound sleep and the company to track their sleep. The equipment provided by the company are


  • Special mattress
  • Fitness and sleep trackers
  • Counselling session from sleep experts


These things are, of course, apart from the 1 lakh stipend that the sleep interns can take home after successful completion of the 100 days WakeFit Sleep internship.

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