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Girls Residential Schools Vs Boys Residential Schools

Education has become an integral part of an individual’s life. The quality of teaching and schooling that one receives helps in defining the quality of life that the person will live. It also helps in securing a better future and career prospects. Today, education is not only about the theoretical texts mentioned in the books. It has evolved into a much broader aspect that includes the components to ensure the overall personality development of the individual. Hence, education has become a necessity in the modern world to lead a successful and fulfilling life. 


How Boarding Schools Offer Better Education?

Several girls residential schools or boarding schools are credited to provide a better educational experience to the students. Such schools are adept in securing a holistic personality development that includes several life-lessons. Students studying in a boarding school has several advantages over a student who studies in a day-boarding school. This is because the exposure, opportunities and culture in a residential school is more favorable for the student’s development.

Here are some advantages of a boarding school:-


  • Independence, Responsibility and Self-Reliance

Students studying in a boarding or residential school become independent and responsible. Since their folks are not there to guide them, students need to figure out various situations themselves and handle them accordingly.

A schedule is followed in a boarding school that makes the students disciplined. Missing out on any deadline can cause students to fall behind and face problems. This makes students more responsible and active. They tackle various situations themselves and become self-reliant.


  • More Exposure and Diversity

Students in a residential school get more exposure as students from different backgrounds, places and cultures study under one roof. These differences help students become aware and learn about the differences existing in the society. They understand each other better and form a broader perspective of the general community. 


  • Better Communication Skills

In a boarding school, students get more opportunities to interact with other people. The diversified environment broadens its scope of interaction and communication. They develop better communication skills and are able to set a rapport with the people instantly. They overcome problems like social anxiety, communication, introversion, public-speaking fears. 


  • Personality Development 

In a boarding school, the personality of any individual develops manifold. There are various activities followed, and the student gets to participate in multiple events. After school hours, the students usually engage in other activities like sports, arts, dramatics, reading books, playing musical instruments or any other activity that helps them to develop their potential. These activities help in developing the skills of the students.

Some of the best boys and girls boarding schools in Dehradun have recognised the importance of including skill development programs into their curriculum. They promote general and domain-specific skill development through various co-curricular activities and programs.


Girls Boarding Schools Vs Boys Boarding Schools

Girls residential school and a boys residential school differs in several parameters. These aspects variate based on the biological differences and needs of both the genders. Some of the fundamental disparities existing in a boys and girls school are enlisted below:-

  • In  girls residential school, the infrastructure and facilities are provided to suit the needs of the girls. For example, girls have some biological problems related to menstruation and other conditions. To take care of this, additional care-takers are employed to guide the students. In a boys school, such issues do not occur.
  • Boys are provided more exposure in terms of sports and other activities. Therefore, sports facilities are more prominent in a boys residential school compared to a girl’s residential school.

Other differences might occur in the type of environment that is created in such schools. But other than these; facilities, exposure and academic training are kept similar.


Boarding Schools In Dehradun

Girls residential schools in Dehradun aim to establish equality and progress by providing quality education to the students. They set a balance by following a similar schedule in a boys boarding school and girls boarding school. This helps the students to break stereotypes and increase representation in various sectors. Girls get to explore more fields such as that of military, science and other male-dominant industries. Even boys get to discover prospects in fashion designing, arts, etc. This happens because the societal restrictions are no longer prevalent, and students are open to pursuing the fields of their interests. 

Here is a list of the top girls and boys boarding schools in Dehradun:-

  • Ecole Globale Girls International School
  • The Doon School
  • Welham Girls School
  • Welham Boys School
  • The Aryan School
  • Col Brown Cambridge School
  • Convent of Jesus and Mary, Waverly
  • St. Georges College
  • Guru Nanak Fifth Centenary School
  • Wynberg Allen School

These schools have maintained the best facilities and offer premium education to the students in a world-class infrastructure. They make students physically, psychologically and intellectually adept and make them responsible members of the society. They aim to empower women and produce individuals who would serve the nation to promote the development of all.

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