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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) from the United States of America has acknowledged that the coronavirus disease can spread via tiny air particles. They have revised and updated the guidelines accordingly. The health agency had acknowledged this theory a few weeks ago saying that the disease is airborne and can spread to the people more than 6 feet away but had deleted it abruptly.  

The significant update on the disease was long-awaited, and now official acknowledgement has been released. It stated that under certain conditions, people standing at the distance of more than 6 feet could also catch the disease as the droplets carrying the virus can float in the air for several minutes to several hours. 

A few weeks back the Agency had uploaded the report after proper reviewing saying that the disease is airborne, but they deleted it fearing that the information was susceptible to misinterpretation and might create problems. The Agency also feared that people might declare this as the main reason for virus spread, which is not true. The chief method through which the virus can spread still remains close and direct contact with the infected. They also said that the airborne virus spread was possible only under certain circumstances. It happened mostly in poorly ventilated and confined spaces where the potential of the buildup of the virus is more. The Agency further said that it’s guidelines and recommendations to keep oneself safe from the virus remains the same. 

To be safe, one should maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from other people and wear a mask covering their mouth and nose. Wash your hands regularly and avoid touching exposed services, your face, mouth, eyes and nose. Avoiding closed and crowded spaces are advised. People should also avoid indoor public spaces without proper ventilation and try to bring in more outdoor air. 

Experts have indicated that there has been overwhelming evidence of airborne transmission of the virus and once it is acknowledged, the problem can be more “fixable”. The experts also suggest that one should be wearing the masks at all times, even when indoors in a public space, as there is no safe-distance in a confined space. 


After the United States of America and Brazil, India has emerged out be the third nation in the world to have reported over 1,00,000 deaths due to COVID-19. The Health Ministry of India confirmed that over 1,00,842 people have died of the virus in the country. India has also reported over 6.5 million cases of COVID-19 till date. 

September saw an increase in the number of deaths related to the virus in India and experts still warn that the real tally is much higher. The rate of testing in India is very low, so the numbers are not reliable according to some health experts. Many reports by the survey conducted by the leading healthcare labs and agencies in India has suggested that over 60 million people have already contacted the virus and have built possible immunity towards the same. 

The festive season in India is just around the corner, and the experts have warned that the problem in the country could deteriorate further. Unlock 5.0 has released several guidelines allowing the opening of cinemas, schools and other public spaces. Keeping the festive season into perspective, reliefs were provided to several sectors. This could cause several problems and a rise in the number of cases is also being anticipated.

Many medium and small enterprises (MSMEs) have severely been affected with the pandemic and lockdown. The festive season is their hope, and so they have welcomed the government’s order of resumption. 


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